Creative caches: Phone booth caches

Geocache hiders have a knack for turning objects that seem unremarkable into something special. Others might walk past lampposts, guardrails, or park benches and think nothing of them, but cache hiders walk past and see the potential to get creative and add a new spot to the geocaching gameboard. This kind of inventiveness is especially on display in phone booth caches. Though nowadays they’re often out of use, phone booths still exist in many areas and provide perfect camouflage for a geocache. Read on for three examples of phone booths that cache hiders changed from everyday to extraordinary.

1. Die letzte gelbe Telefonzelle
GC87QP8, D 1.5/T 1.5

Image by Werkstatt 11.

Yellow phone booths were a hallmark of urban landscapes in Germany in the second half of the 20th century, but with new times and new technologies they slowly disappeared and the last operational yellow phone booth in a city in Bavaria retired in 2019. This Multi-Cache starts at an out-of-use yellow phone booth that still stands in Leipzig. Cachers must closely examine details in the phone booth in order to find clues for the final coordinates of the cache.

2. Telefonni budka
GC7AN2F, D 2/T 1.5

Image by goblin12.

Unlike other phone booth caches, this Traditional Cache in eastern Czechia is not a relic of the past. The booth was built entirely by cache owner, tomas451. The cache’s 934 Favorite points are a testament to the creativity and quality of the hide.

3. Secret Call
GC7CDZ9, D 1.5/T 1.5

Image by Evelynet.

To get to the final coordinates of this Multi-Cache in Dublin, Ireland, cachers must actually use the phone in a phone booth to answer a call. The phone call comes after you enter the correct secret code on a web page that is linked in the description of the cache. Listen carefully to the voice on the phone which shares the numbers needed to solve the cache’s final coordinates.

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Genevieve is a Marketing Associate at Geocaching HQ.