Cache Hiding Themes—February: birdhouses

A little birdie told us that this month’s cache hiding theme is birdhouses—and the geocaching community delivered!

These cache hiders really let their ideas soar with these im-peck-able hides, all while staying within the geocache hiding guidelines! While we love our brilliant birdhouse caches, remember that they should not be attached to a tree with hardware unless explicit permission has been provided by the property owner.

Let’s take a quick peep at some of our favorite hides from this month’s theme, in no particular order:

    1. GCAKFAE—The Fabulous Purple House
      Images by tela42499.

      This cache is fabulous indeed! In addition to its famed hue, this house features art installations, a free little library, a musical walkway, and now, a geocache! Take a seat at the bench and decipher seven well-known bird calls to open the lock on this adorable replica.

    2. GCAF742—Birdhouse #7
      Image by bluelamb03.

      Another day, another birdhouse. Except this birdhouse looks a little different! Check out the chic construction on this geocache—if there were birds living here, they’d be living it up in style!

    3. GC8K44X—*** (TB-)Hotel Mama *** op nummer 26
      Image by m_gc_nl.

      What’s better than a cute birdhouse? LOTS of cute birdhouses! It’s not parakeets or bluejays living here though—it’s trackables! Visit this lovely Trackable Hotel tree and choose a birdhouse of your liking to take a peek. The logbook’s got to be around here, somewhere…

    4. GC611VG—Päästäisnoukan pesimäalue

      Deep in a forest in Finland, a mysterious creature known as the Päästäisnoukka awaits. You’ll need to take on the bravery of an investigative journalist to examine this birdhouse trap and maybe just find some answers…

    5. GC8X96K—Did you Know?
      Image by SavvasHiker.

      Did you know? There are birdhouses, and then there are birdchalets. This little family will welcome you to this adorable treehouse cache and will guide you in opening it. We think that’s pretty “tweet!”

    6. GC9BBDQ—A Multi Cache For Aviary-body
      Images by trickynikkiv.

      Some birds build their nests in trees, and some geocachers create geocaches from trees! Check out this creative Multi-Cache that will have you doing some real-life bird watching as you search for the hidden discs containing the coordinates for the final.

    7. GC9C447—Plus or Minus
      Images by Two2teps and wendyhue.

      We love a good gadget cache! This adorable garden birdhouse has some secrets, so you’ll need to be prepared before you flock on over.

    8. GC7RC9N—the littlest birds
      Images by theluckyfamily (top) and SisiBuene (bottom).

      We couldn’t decide if this beautiful cache location counted towards the birdhouse or colorful caches theme, but we loved it so much we couldn’t wait! There are 30 unique “houses” at GZ—including lighthouses, castles, and even a rocket ship—but only one contains the logbook. Be sure to admire the different designs, because some of them “quack” us up!

We’re absolutely chirping with excitement at the amazing caches you shared for this month’s theme. There are thousands of bird species out there, and there are just as many incredible birdhouse geocaches that help to spread joy in their geocaching communities. While we can’t share them all, we want to thank the incredible cache owners who hid these feather-friendly finds.

Don’t forget: next month’s theme is plants and mushrooms! Submit your favorite floral or fungal caches by filling out this form.

We look forward to seeing the cache creations you come up with—let your imagination grow wild!

Nikki is a Community Manager at Geocaching HQ. Her specialties include making cheesy puns, talking endlessly about coffee, and being the only Californian who enjoys rain. She is passionate about geocaching and loves that it brings communities together.