Cache Hiding Themes—January: books and libraries

You shared, and we listened!

We received a library’s-worth of submissions for 2024’s first cache hiding theme. We asked you to share your favorite book and library-themed caches for January, and you showed up with some “novel” hides!

Though we’d love to share all the submissions, we’d end up with an entire book instead of a blog post, and our editors said the world wasn’t ready for that yet. So instead, we picked a few of our favorites!

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Cache Hiding Themes 2024

2024 is finally here, and we have our planners open and ready for all the exciting plans the year will bring. One thing that we’re sure of as we look to the new year: we’re ready for something different.

We’d love to highlight all the memorable geocaches featured in the geocaching communities around the world—the question is, where to start?

That’s why we’re introducing our monthly geocache hiding themes, for all those cache owners who don’t know where to begin when it comes to their newest cache creation.

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CacheDweeb kayaking

A peek into a secret cache building society: Interview with cache owner CacheDweeb

Dog and dog's best friend, CacheDweeb
Dog and dog’s best friend, CacheDweeb

Did you know there are groups of gadget cache builders who slave away, day after day, week after week, huddled deep inside cluttered garages, endlessly tinkering with magnets, locks, pulleys, springs, clasps, and other such bric-a-brac? They do this for you, to put a smile on your face, and in turn, an even bigger smile on their own.

Meet one such clever cache creator, CacheDweeb. His claw-machine, drawer-popping, and sound-enhanced DONKEY KACHE was featured as a Geocache of the Week. We ask a few questions, get a few answers, and learn the method behind the madness of this master cache owner.

Geocache of the Week: DONKEY CACHE
Geocache of the Week: DONKEY CACHE

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How to earn almost 5,000 Favorite points: Interview with cache owner goblindust

Creative caches are memorable. You hear about them from your friends, at events, or from our blog/social media. But what goes into them? Who is behind them? In Washington state, a name you hear often synonymous with innovative geocaches is “goblindust.” He has an array of caches unique from each other.  

Goblindust, also known as Scott Meyers, has been a member of geocaching for 15 years and hid his first cache on December 20, 2003. Since then his active caches have accumulated over 4,700 Favorite points. With that statistic in mind, it sounded like he might know a thing or two about cache hiding, so I sat down with goblindust to discuss who he is, where he finds his inspiration, and what tips he has for the rest of us.

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