Dacinka Home Videocache – Geocache of the Week

by Dacinka
Karlovarský kraj, Czechia
N 50° 14.010′ E 012° 52.762′

Lights, camera, caching!

Have you ever wanted to be a movie star?

Dacinka Home Video (GC44DAC) invites geocachers to become the stars of their very own short film!

Cache Owner Dacinka created this “untraditional” Traditional Cache in a 2014 contest organized by geocaching.cz and the Mikisi Blog. This contest challenged geocachers to design a cache featuring a video camera. The Swedish company Axis provided the camera, while Czech NetRex helped cache owners install the equipment. Dacinka’s winning design incorporated the camera with a simple yet clever Traditional Cache installed in their front garden.

Geocacher, Lupix, poses for the camera.

The cinematic streets of Karlovy Vary set the scene. Preserved as a national cultural monument, the city center’s quaint buildings and houses seem straight out of a period-piece historical drama. In fact, many films and TV shows have been set or filmed in this historic city!

Image by flowo1985.

But as geocachers approach GZ, they are transported to a magical zen garden with a waterfall, pagoda, and rock garden. Don’t let the tranquility of the garden deceive you, because now is the time to put your acting skills to the test!

Image by Majdis + JaRu.

In addition to signing the log book, geocachers can choose to record their visit with a video. Simply ask the friendly snail statue for help to reveal the camera. Dacinka encourages geocachers to say where they’re from and leave a short message to the geocaching community. The videos are then uploaded to the cache’s YouTube channel.

Image by zdf.

True to the creative nature of geocachers, many visitors choose to go above and beyond with their performances. Songs, skeletons, a little romance, and even a live fish have made an appearance!

Image by _Vezmeš si mě__ keetjeh and De Kabouterbond.

Here’s a compilation of a few of our favorite videos:


So, whether you’re an aspiring actor or just an avid geocacher, this geocache is well worth a visit. As actors say in Czechia, “Zlom vaz!”

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