ACIDIC LAKE! — Geocache of the Week

by walterhellmut
Danakil, Ethiopia
N 14° 14.296 E 040° 17.946

The Dallol area of the Danakil desert in Northeast Ethiopia presents a massive natural spectacle at the hottest place on Earth. To reach this destination, geocachers must trek up a long and dusty road of dry, cracked Earth. At the end of the hike, prepare to be blown away by brightly colored pools of bubbling acid, bizarre limestone formations, and plenty of sulfuric geysers that cover the landscape. 

Adventurous cachers must be led by a local guide to ensure their safety as they explore this remarkable environment and put their EarthCache skills to the test. Danakil’s extreme environment may not be home to many things, but it certainly is home to our rockin’ Geocache of the Week, GC2WB4N- H2SO4 – አሲድነት ሐይቅ – ACIDIC LAKE!.

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Caching Near and Far: An Interview with Neil Torrens

Neil Torrens (AMAZO) found his first cache in June 2010 on the southern coast of Scotland. He stumbled across the Geocaching® mobile app while browsing on his new smartphone and downloaded it on a whim. The next day he and his friend and now wife searched tirelessly up and down dunes, with the sea crashing into the rocks below them. Just when they were about to give up, their geo-senses led them to a suspicious boulder. What they found behind it would turn their lives into an unending adventure, and inspire Neil to travel halfway around the world.

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