Geocache of the Week: Operation: Geocacher – Gadget Series (GC7WWCY)

by Team Noltex
Washington, United States
N 47° 11.417 W 122° 29.829

This week’s geocache of the week, Operation: Geocacher, is highlighting a caching twist of the beloved classic board game that bears the same name. Hidden with permission at a plant nursery in the Evergreen State of Washington, GCWWCY offers a refreshing environment with gorgeous colors and floral scents. This week is #geogeekweek, so we had to nerd out over this and give some recognition to an extraordinary gadget cache!

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Mount Fuji 【富士山】 — Geocache of the Week

by H Suga @ Signal Expedition Party
Shizuoka, Japan
N 35° 21.637 E 138° 43.640

Faith may move mountains, but the chance for an epic find can move a geocacher to the peak of an active volcano. This is definitely true for this week’s Geocache of the Week hidden in Japan—Mount Fuji 【富士山】, GC3PTTR

Image by kinglee.
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The world’s most socially distant geocaches

Many of us across the globe are still being asked to stay safe by staying home. Luckily, cooped up cachers can actually take inspiration from geocaches themselves! 

While the minimum distance between geocaches is fixed at 0.1 miles (528 feet or 161 meters), some geocaches are a good deal farther apart. We’re counting down the five most socially distant caches—caches whose physical stages are the farthest apart from other caches!

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Nouveau souvenir Géocaching de pays / région pour la Réunion

Aujourd’hui nous vous annonçons un nouveau souvenir régional pour la Réunion. Si vous avez déjà trouvé une géocache à la Réunion, vous recevrez automatiquement le souvenir sur votre profil.

La Réunion est une île isolée de l’Océan Indien, à des centaines de kilomètres du continent le plus proche. Son isolement en fait une escapade idéale pour les visiteurs qui découvriront une culture tissée par la multitude de ses habitants. Les récifs coralliens, les forêts et les volcans abritent une grande variété d’espèces dont certaines sont endémiques et ne peuvent être trouvées nulle part ailleurs dans le monde. Que vous préfériez lacer vos chaussures de randonnée, enfiler une combinaison de plongée ou vous allonger sur la plage, vous ne serez jamais bien loin d’une géocache.

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Geocache of the Week Flashback Edition: Namib Desert, Namibia (GC14W63)

by Mausebiber
S 24° 44.400 E 015° 17.310

As we look back on twenty years of geocaching history, we’ve decided to revisit some of our favorite Geocache of the Week candidates from years past.

This week we’re looking back to October 2015, when we featured Namib Desert, Namibia (GC14W63). After being hidden in 2007, this EarthCache is still ready to educate and inspire courageous desert adventurers.

Photo by pfitschipfeil.

This sprawling desert is home to towering dunes of fine, sunset-orange sand. The colors of the dunes are like rings in the trunks of trees: a telltale sign of age. A brighter and more rusted colored appearance signifies an older dune due to the oxidation of the minerals within them. Southerly winds sculpt the geological features to have razor-sharp ridges and heights that are record-shattering. This EarthCache encourages cachers to question why and how this landscape continues to be an awe-inspiring destination.

Photo by giddo.

To get credit for this EarthCache, cachers must answer questions about the shapes of these asymmetrical mounds of sand, the flora in the area, and various categories of deserts. Although some factors may limit your ability to travel to Namibia, reading the incredibly well-crafted cache page will transport you and educate you on surprising facts about the Namib Desert. For example, here at HQ we were surprised to learn that the Namib Desert has a highly unpredictable annual rainfall. It can receive anywhere from 5 millimeters in the west to about 85 millimeters along its eastern limits. 

Image by Laponia.

Seeing these remarkable features is on a to-do list for many adventurers, but these amalgamations of sand have been around for a long time and will always be there waiting for you. Just like us, these dunes are slowly impacted by time and elements beyond their control. They shift, they change, and they even grow. Although a situation or environment may look barren, there is always an opportunity for life and something to learn. Geocachers can learn the silent strength of resilience from GC14W63. Standing high above a sea of orange, cachers will get their just “deserts.”