“Godzilla” GC28YAD GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – October 25, 2010

Location near "Godzilla" GC28YAD

More than 30 million people call Tokyo, Japan home.  It’s ranked as the most populated city on earth.  Among the countless crisscrossing streets and towering skyscrapers more than 700 urban geocaches are hidden.

“Godzilla” (GC28YAD) is one of the growing number of geocaches in Tokyo.  It was placed by hogehopo in May of this year.  The micro cache takes treasure hunters to a statue of the monster movie and pop culture icon Godzilla.

GC28Y Muggle rich environment
GC28YAD is a muggle rich environment

The challenge with this, as with many urban caches, is avoiding the seemingly ever-present muggles.  One of the other obstacles is “bounce” from the GPS signals a result of the tall buildings surrounding the cache location.

Even with such challenges, more than 40 geocachers have logged “Godzilla” since the geocache was hidden in May.

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“Mother says geocaching helps her autistic child” A Geocaching.com Lost & Found Video

Beth Hurley’s nine-year-old son Ryan is autistic.  The disorder affects his social, developmental and self-care skills. While many children his age feel a sense of accomplishment on the sports field or in the school gym, Ryan’s mother says, he’s left out.

Geocaching team, "meandthekiddoz"

The family found geocaching about a year ago.  They geocache under the name meandthekiddoz and already found more than 60 caches. Beth says geocaching offers Ryan an independent way to sense accomplishment, bond with his family and even lose weight.

Watch Ryan and his family hit the geocaching trail in the latest Lost & Found video.

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“Na’ili’ili-haele WaterFalls Cache” GCHREH GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – October 18, 2010

Bamboo forest - GCHREH

Geocachers trek through a Hawaiian paradise of bamboo forests and waterfalls to discover “Na’ili’ili-haele WaterFalls Cache” (GCHREH).  But paradise can be deceiving.  The cache is rated as the most arduous terrain and difficulty a geocacher can endure.  It’s a five terrain and five difficulty.

You’ll encounter a lush bamboo forest and four waterfalls.  The journey takes a twist when geocaches must swim a hundred feet across a mountain stream to continue their adventure.  The swim though is just the beginning.  Geocaches must also scale a rock wall using a wooden ladder.

Nearly a hundred geocachers have already logged a smiley on the cache. The traditional cache was placed back in 2005.  Dozens of posts have already thanked those who paced the cache and the geocacher who adopted the cache.  They read, “Wow – so this was pretty epic!”  and “Our first 5, 5 and man is it deserving of it. This is the type of adventure I have always dreamed of as a kid.”

One of four waterfalls - GCHREH

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Groundspeak’s ‘Kitchen of Affirmation’

Letters to Groundspeak

The kitchen at Groundspeak is stocked with pretty much the standard condiments and food you’d find in any kitchen.  The fridge is home to ketchup and mustard and some random unlabeled containers.  The corner coffeemaker generates a little morning rush hour traffic as Lackeys clamor for a cup of morning energy.

But this week, Lackeys walked into the kitchen recently and walked out with more than coffee. It’s what appeared on the cabinets that gave those leaving, coffee mug in hand, with a feeling of affirmation.

Letters taped to the cabinets read, “Once again your donation is making school cool” and “I also want to thank you for donating to our class.  I think it is the sweetest thing anyone did to our class.”

Groundspeak donates money for GPS devices to a cause called DonorsChoose.org.  The donations put GPS devices in the hands of students.

The Lost & Found video crew visited a Texas, USA class that received a donation of GPS devices.  You can watch how a teacher intertwined a lesson plan about science with the outdoor adventure of geocaching.

The students went geocaching.  They solved problems in small groups, learned direction and distance, and engaged with technology.

More than 30 letters from different classrooms have arrived at Groundspeak over the past year and we are committed to putting more GPS unites in the hands of students.

Letter to Groundspeak

A half-dozen thank you letters from students are on display in the kitchen now.  One line from a grade school student reads, “Thank you thank you thank you (1,000,000,000 times) much for donating to our class.”   How the letters are signed may say more.   Some of the chunky grade school writing spells out “thank you” or “your friend” or even “love.”

But students aren’t just thanking Lackeys.  They’re not just affirming that geocaching can be a powerful force for learning.  They’re thanking geocachers for making this donation possible.  You fuel Groundspeak.  Those letters of thanks (a 1,000,000,000 times much) are really written to you as well.


“A Record Breaking 10-10-10” A Geocaching.com Lost & Found Video

Watch this video to see geocachers from around the world united on 10-10-10 for a record-breaking day.  More geocaching accounts logged caches on 10-10-10 than any other day in geocaching history.  The previous record of 56,654, set on April 18, 2010, was shattered by more than 15,000.  Geocachers recorded video of their adventures and posted the videos on the official Geocaching.com Facebook page.  Join them and Lackeys as they celebrate ten years of geocaching and ten years of Groundspeak on 10-10-10 by getting outside, geocaching and breaking a record.

The official final count for accounts logging a cache on 10-10-10 is 78,313.

Geocaching on 10-10-10

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