Episode 3: Geocaching® app & retirement of Classic app

In this episode of Inside Geocaching HQ, we hear from Ben Hewitt (product manager for mobile apps) and Bryan Roth (HQ’s president and co-founder) about the March 23rd retirement of the Geocaching Classic app, as well as improvements to the Geocaching® app.

The show is available on Google Play and iTunes. Or you can scroll past the photo below and listen directly from this page. A full transcript is available here.

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Ben Hewitt and Bryan Roth at Geocaching HQ
Hopelessly addicted cacher and Geocaching HQ's PR Manager.
  • Guido Beckers

    Thanks for the great podcast 🙂 thumbs-up

  • Chris

    Thanks for the feedback, Guido. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Guido Beckers

    I really did 🙂 it was very good 🙂

  • KAS

    The new app is ok, but I spent 9€ on the old one i’m not happy that i lost the features i paid for

  • David Sexton

    Same, kinda mad about buying an app that was supposed to have special features that then gets put on the back burner and now dispatched out of the digital world….

  • Chris Magers

    Not happy with this money grab! The classic app provided oppurtunities that the new app will not unless I pay $30 a year! I compared them last weekend. Maybe some of this new income can be put to customer service! Because my concerns got pushed to this podcast with little concern! For families like mine who do not make alot of money this new fee will probably be the end of our caching days, Very Sad!!!

  • Patrick Moyle

    Not hfappy. Like others paid for the original app and new app does not have all of the same features. There is no advanced search so I can fine tune the type of cache I am looking for and maps not as clear. How do you drop TBs? I am a premium member and am very disappointed with this new app. Please up grade so it is at least the same as the old one and as easy to use.

  • Josshhhhhhhhhh

    I’m sorry Geocaching, but you will be losing me as a cacher. I am actually disgusted. It’s horrid how you’ve turned such a lovely, fun activity into a money making scam.

    I understand you needed to make a new app for compatibility, and perhaps I would have been willing to pay to buy the app, but forcing me to become a premium member in order to actually cache is just cruel.

    I hope enough people are angry that things change. We’re not all rich and flowing with cash, geocaching was a cheap, exciting adventure.

    This is corrupt.

  • I listened to the whole podcast. Just like you didn’t listen to the people in 2008 when they wanted you to make an iPhone app, you are not listening to the people in 2017 either, when they are saying that they would like to keep the old app.

    Wow, this is really something to be proud of. /s


  • Mike Thesenvitz

    You described $10 as a significant barrier and then immediately described a $30 membership as not a tremendous amount.

  • Sarah Kynas Henderson

    I think they should refund the $10 to every person who paid for the classic app and was still using it when it was discontinued.

  • Julia Lacon

    Hi there, How can I continue caching using my Samsung Galaxy S2 running Android 2.3.4 ?

  • Carol Buss Yunker

    Why not at least give cachers the option to use the app as is and either not offer it any longer to new cachers or just not update it? The free app is crap compared to it and barely worth the free price. The new app should have not been released until the new app had at least the basic usable features the classic one had. You are doing a disservice to those that have used the classic app and LOVE it by actually retiring it. Almost everyone HATE, HATE, HATES the new app. Let those of us that bought the classic app to continue to use it until our phones no longer interface with it.

  • Terrible idea to phase out the old app and make longtime cachers purchase a very expensive subscription service. I understand if you have to retire the app itself to keep up with new types of code and programming, but just re-issue it to the users who have already paid.

    Geocaching is a hobby that surrounds volunteerism, which is antithetical to this horrible change. People will just start caching on their own without this dumb app.

  • Thanks for the great podcast 🙂 thumbs-up 😀