Phenomenal geocaching community

Phenomenal geocaching community stories from 2017

Phenomenal geocaching community
Phenomenal geocaching community

A golden ammo box full of juicy geocaching secrets travels around France! A beloved German geocaching rock band retires after 10 years! A wheelchair-bound geocacher simultaneously nabs his first T5 and his 1,000th cache!

Geocachers have always done great things and this past year was no exception. Here are some of the most phenomenal geocaching community stories from 2017.

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Golden Ammo Box
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How do you say, “Golden Ammo Box” in French?

Boîte à munitions dorée. 

You’ve probably heard of Mega-Events or even been lucky enough to attend a Mega. But, have you ever thought about what goes into planning and hosting your own Mega-Event? Gosh, if only other Mega-Event hosts could share the best tips and tricks to help each other…

Well lucky you! Amazing French geocachers, -Vainilla- (Lorena) and -Ruby- (Oriol), who hosted GeoNord Events for the past three years have come up with a great concept: The Golden Ammo Box. Read on to find out how Mega-Event hosts are paying it forward and helping others along the way.

Eiffel Power—Geocache of the Week

by Arnokovic
Paris, France
N 48° 51.422 ‘E 002° 17.656’

You have probably heard of the Eiffel Tower, but have you heard of Eiffel Power? Eiffel Power (GC5552H) is one of France’s most favorited and most logged caches. A powerful geocache with over 700 Favorite points and 2,600 logs lies in the heart of Paris, France.

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Les secrets d’un géocacheur pour tenir ses résolutions de la Nouvelle Année

Bonne Année 2017, géocacheurs ! C’est la période où l’on établit ses résolutions de la Nouvelle Année. Que vous souhaitiez vous mettre en forme ou donner en retour, votre jeu préféré peut vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs. En l’honneur de 2017, voici 17 bonnes résolutions classiques de la Nouvelle Année et comment le géocaching peut vous aider à les tenir.

Consultez les.

La morale de l’histoire : on se tient beaucoup mieux aux résolutions quand on s’amuse. Le géocaching est un amusement, par conséquent le géocaching peut vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs. Dans 83% des cas ça marche à tous les coups, garanti.

Quelle est votre résolution de la Nouvelle Année ? Dîtes-le nous dans les commentaires.

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Via des Echelles de la Mort (GC32NMB):—Geocache of the Week

by Sansecousse
Franche-Comté, France
N 47° 11.165′ E 006° 52.276


What is Geocaching without adventure, risk-taking, thrill, and a challenge to overcome? GC32NMB encompasses every one of those elements, and has its own movie trailer. Be prepared to cross narrow monkey bridges that sway over 100 meters of open air, scale rugged rock faces, and climb what the locals refer to as des Echelles de la Mort: the ladders of death. After signing the log-book, zip line your way through the Doub Gorges in the Franch-Comté region of France to cap off this epic journey.


The howling winds that sweep through the gorges have led the locals to refer to the area as “Death Valley.” Contrary to the name, the region is robust with flowers, colorful meadows, sparkling lakes, and the foothills of the Jura Mountains. The beauty of the Franch-Comté draws a lot of attention and becomes an oasis in the summer time, when other parts of France become dry.




The T5 thrill seekers come to this area to feel alive and experience the adrenaline. The first stage of obstacles include ladders, originally made of wood and used by smugglers in the 18th century to pass over the Swiss border. Today, in place are safer ladders that are reinforced, and hooks in the side of the rock face to help you traverse en cours to the geocache.


Just when you thought you were on solid ground, the wobbly monkey bridge and shaky nerves approach. Harness your inner grit to pass the daunting bridge and grab the cache that lies just ahead. The real challenge is simply getting to ground zero and overcoming that ‘stomach in your throat’ feeling along the route.


“After a good vertical climb and adrenaline to the max . . .  I agree our first T5 was a hand trembling experience, and a lot of effort,” say CEPITIFLI, creators of the video linked above.

Can you imagine crossing this in the winter time? There are a few brave souls who went after this T5 in the snow!


From here you can choose between hiking back, head over another bridge, or going a bit further and taking a zip line across the valley. Don’t forget to BYOP (bring your own pulley), or rent a pulley nearby to add to the adventure. The area is regularly maintained by the land offices of la via ferrata des échelles de la mort


Thank you for all the great pictures for those who have visited, and thank you Sansecousse et Gountard for recognizing this brilliant area and maintaining the geocache. 

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