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DIY “Wow Power” for Your Next Log

5 Steps to Craft Award-Winning “Found it!” Logs There are plenty of log types out there, but none more fun than earning a smiley by logging a “Found it!” Check out 5 quick tips to inspire your fellow geocachers with your next log entry. Tell Your Story – The geocache log you write is like the preview to a movie. You’re telling geocachers about an adventure they could experience. Maybe your journey involved seeing the first leaves of spring, looking out from a mountain top or meeting other geocachers on the trail. Your logs help other geocachers decide if the geocache […]

Beware the Tall Grasses! Or, Death of a Battery

  “Hey there Southern Hemisphere! This is the Northern Hemisphere calling. How’re things? It’s about the third week of May, and…well, we’d like our summer back.”  Depending on what part of the world you’re in, the latitudinal phone call that happens around the fifth month of the year signals the start to another summer of geocaching. The longer days, the warmer air, the leafier hiding spots…It’s a season so ideal for geocaching it’s hard to imagine spending your time doing anything else. Though not to the degree of winter, even summer can have the pesky habit of preventing you from […]

The 4 Most Common Geocache Hiding Mistakes

(Cough Cough) Hello class, and welcome to a quick installment of the 4 most Common Geocache Hiding Mistakes. Why read on? It’s like knowing the four common routes where there’s a bridge out, or heavy road construction, or a locust migration. These are all mistakes a new hider doesn’t have to make. Let’s learn together and if at any point you’d like to know more, check out the Hiding Overview for all you need to know. Here are the four guidelines that potential cache owners most commonly overlook: 1) Choose an Appropriate Location Think like a non-geocacher and ask yourself, […]

Lab Cache Evolution: STEMLandia Adventure!

STEMLandia in the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University in Boston taps into the power of the Lab Cache Geocaching Adventure experience to reveal a world of nature and education. Thanks to HQ’s partnership with EdGE at TERC, this is the next evolution of Lab Caches. Premium Members around the world tested Lab Caches during I <3 Geocaching in February. STEMLandia challenges geocachers to find 10 creatively hidden lab caches. It’s not your typical adventure. Geocachers must explore the Arboretum grounds using Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills to unlock the finds. Those who participate may be eligible to receive a fancy, […] and Geocaching App Downtime on Tuesday, April 8 and the Geocaching apps will be temporarily offline on April 8. We’re adding horsepower and beefing-up* and our apps. They’ll both be much more stable after the upgrade. The site outage is expected to run about six hours starting at about 2pm PDT (convert to your local time here). Yeah, you read that right. Apologies, six hours is a little bit of time right? So, during that time you have a two-part assignment, if you choose to accept it. Step 1: Load up your Pocket Queries and offline lists so you can still go geocaching. Step 2: Use that time to get inspired to “make” an […]

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