Padlocks, RFID chips, and secret briefcases: an interview with a geocaching maniac

Gelderland is an emerging region when it comes cache creation; gadget caches, puzzle boxes, large caches, you name it! One of the prominent geocache hiders from that region is IronManiacGLD. His hides range from padlocked birdhouses and RFID chips in puzzle boxes, to secret briefcases straight from a James Bond movie.

Many of these caches have a high percentage of Favorite points—not bad for a cacher who just started in 2017. These caches all have great attention to detail and a cerebral approach to them. IronManiacGLD is an expert in human behavior and specializes in lie detection. He says, one of the things that inspire him most are finding intricate field puzzles and thinking about how the cache owners thought through the process.

While we all aren’t experts in human behavior, there is one important thing to remember: everyone is capable of creating awe-inspiring geocaches, you just have to harness your creativity and not be afraid to ask for help!

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Six tips for finding a geocache in an environmentally friendly way

Geocaching is a great reason to get outside, enjoy a breath of fresh air, and reconnect with nature. If you are like most geocachers, you want to be respectful to your surroundings—especially plants and wildlife! To give you some pointers, we compiled six tips to show your love for Mother Earth when geocaching.

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Four tips for hiding quality geocaches

In 18 years, geocaching has grown from a single container in the woods of Oregon to a global game with over 3 million active participants annually and more than 3 million geocaches. In the last year, Geocaching HQ Volunteer Reviewers published nearly 8,085 caches per week. Wow; thanks, Reviewers!

This growth means that almost anywhere in the world, you can find a geocache nearby. But it also means that geocache saturation is increasing. In some areas, it is becoming difficult to find a location to place a cache.

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Guide to hosting an unforgettable Last/First New Year’s event

New Year’s Eve is an opportunity to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of the next. While end-of-year traditions come in many shapes and sizes, this year you can start a new tradition by hosting an event with your geocaching buddies while earning two new souvenirs.

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