Guide to hosting an unforgettable Last/First New Year’s event

New Year’s Eve is an opportunity to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of the next. While end-of-year traditions come in many shapes and sizes, this year you can start a new tradition by hosting an event with your geocaching buddies while earning two new souvenirs.

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5 reasons to keep geocaching as the seasons change

When you think of geocaching, two options often come to mind: a summer activity or something to do while traveling…in summer. Both of those are great choices, but before you prepare to pack away your TOTT (tools of the trade), have you considered caching in the shoulder season?

Shoulder season is the time between the summer and winter seasons (or winter and summer for all you southern hemisphere folks!) Spring and fall may have a bit less predictability, but one thing is certain: there are fewer people on the trails. We’ve compiled our top five reasons to show why these months are perfect for geocaching.

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The difference between SWAG and trackables

The core of geocaching is pretty simple: to inspire geocachers to have an adventure at every location. But the game of geocaching can be much more complex. There are acronyms (TFTC, FTF, etc.), different cache types, SWAG, and trackables.

Today, we’re focusing on SWAG and trackables, but be sure to check out the glossary and Help Center for more information if you’re just getting started with geocaching. Both SWAG and trackables are items that you have probably seen in a geocache before, but even though they can look similar, they are actually much different! Below we’ll explore some of these differences.

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Planetary Pursuit image

Todavía tienes hasta el 15 de Abril para conseguir los 10 souvenirs

¿Has visitado la Tierra, Venus y Mercurio pero todavía no te has aventurado hasta Plutón? ¡No te preocupes, explorador de la Búsqueda Planetaria, todavía tienes tiempo para conseguir los 10 souvenirs y convertirte en un Explorador Espacial Oficial!

Encuentra diferentes tipos de cachés hasta el 15 de Abril y consigue puntos en la Liga de Colegas para obtener hasta 10 nuevos souvenirs. El Control de Tierra cree en ti y en tus habilidades como geocacher. Cambio y corto.

Planetary Pursuit image

Vous avez jusqu’au 15 avril pour remporter 10 souvenirs

Have you visited Earth, Venus and Mercury and must now go to Pluto? No worries, Explorer of the Planetary Pursuit, you still have time to win the 10 memories and become an Official Space Explorer!

By April 15, find different types of caches and collect points on the League of Friends to win up to 10 memories. Ground Control believes in you and your abilities in geocaching. End of transmission.