Geocaching.com Finds a Blog

It’s hard to believe that it was almost ten years ago since we started Geocaching.com as a hobby web site. During this time we have heard some amazing stories. I’ve had many incredible personal experiences and have met some amazing people.

We’ve always lamented the lack of time to tell the stories of geocachers, geocaches and geocaching experiences. This is why I’m so excited about the launch of this blog and Groundspeak’s Lost & Found.

Eric tests hempl shampoo
Eric Divines the Property of Shampoo

Eric Schudiske has joined on as one of Groundspeak’s newest Lackeys to manage Groundspeak’s Lost & Found and will be the main writer for the Geocaching.com blog. A journalist by trade, Eric brings years of professional journalism experience both online and as a former reporter for the KING 5 News, the Seattle Washington N.B.C. affiliate. Already he and our videographer Reid Kuennen have gathered some amazing videos to share with you.

We’re reaching out to the community to find the best stories of geocaching. At first, we’re telling stories we already know about, but we’re hoping that this will inspire other geocachers to come forward and tell us their own stories.

Eric will be managing our @GoGeocaching Twitter feed, Flickr account and Facebook fan page as well as cultivating the many geocaching stories for this blog and for Lost & Found. I’ll occasionally chime in as well as other Lackeys at Groundspeak when we have something to share.

Now go out and create some new adventures! We’ll be waiting for your stories when you get back.

Jeremy is the president and co-founder at Groundspeak, the company that started Geocaching.com, Waymarking.com and Wherigo.com. He lives in the Emerald City (Seattle).
  • Penny (blueberryice)

    Love the blog I have a horrible poison ivy rash from my adventures last week but you know what its worth that my kids (unaffected) get to spend all this time outside with their mom. Memories that will last a life time.

  • hockeyhick

    Looks great so far!

  • granolabars

    Nice! Happy to see another resource for fun geocaching info!

  • This is good to see. I also like how comments use established social networks and are not predicated on Groundspeak accounts. Thanks!

  • 1sillywilly1

    This will come in real handy as another “PAF” option ===> Thanks !

  • Congratulations on ten years of hard work and perseverence to make geocaching the enjoyable and challenging hobby it is today. And congratulations especially for having developed a place where we can go to learn about geocaching, access geocaches, and share with and support one another. I only wish that I'd known about geocaching back then so that I could have gotten in on the fun much sooner.

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  • stimpy23

    Great! Please keep on blogging! I love reading a lil bit about what's going on at groundspeaks.. 🙂

  • Welcome Eric! Glad to see you here and look forward to your work!

  • Great to see the blog. This a great idea for a great way of getting out and about. After another weekend of caching I am covered in scrapes and scratches but a good weekend none the less! Keep up the good work.

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  • aba

    where are the trackbacks?

  • spamade

    Congratulations from Germany! ;o)

  • jeepermtj

    Welcome to the tupperware show. Glad to find you in my RSS feed from now on!

    Cheers, JeeperMTJ

  • locuslingua

    I turned trackbacks on. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe a link to the blog from the geocaching.com website would be good?

  • aba

    thank you! 😉

  • We're glad you have you along for the adventure. Thanks for the congrats.

  • ich danke Ihnen von der Zentrale

  • benh57

    This post isn't in the RSS feed – looks like a bug..

  • locuslingua

    The bug might be in your software. Clicking on the RSS feed link on the home page shows this as the top item.

  • benh57

    My software is google reader 😉 Anyway, it just updated with 7 new items.

    A few hours ago, google reader definitely did not have that as the top post.

  • benh57

    (also, i do think google reader does some sort of weird caching internally between users.. like maybe it was showing me the version from the last time some other google reader user had read the same RSS feed)

  • eaglewings777

    We were doing a cache in a Kansas State Park and the park ranger was with us. We were hicking up the hill and suddenly he said that we were walking in poison ivy. I looked up at him and boom, my foot got caught in heavy weeds and down I went. I was sore for a couple of days but got over my pride. The rest of the story wasn't as nice as my husband took almost ten weeks and four doctor visits to get over the poison ivy.

  • It's a good opening move into these new social technologies. I'll be looking forward for your blogs. BTW will there be a possibility to write blog entries for wider public or will it be only for your columnists?

  • Great idea. I’m sure we’ll eventually roll in guest bloggers.

  • Congrats on 10 years. Eric and others, is there any interest in coordinate system standardization or at least adding some options? Specifically how about adding US NATIONAL GRID for the USA and/or MILITARY GRID REFERENCE SYSTEM (MGRS) for world-wide? Geocachers certainly are tech savvy and can understand the need for standardization when it is prudent. Well, it is prudent for all off pavement emergencies or at times when all means of navigation are wiped out. When maps were needed for Haiti and Chile earthquakes; they were MGRS. USNG/MGRS is slightly easier to understand, use and teach than UTM and has existed since ~1947, used by the US Military & NATO. Presently geocaching.com displays UTM & British Grid, but not US National Grid. UTM and USNG has much of the same components. I would encourage all to see these links and become familiar with US NATIONAL GRID. If/when geocachers need to communicate with emergency responders; they should know that Lat/Long is NOT the preferred coordinate system for ground-based operations.

    http://www.floridadisasterengineers.org/USNG_Fi… {see pages 64-71}

  • I have a humorous one up from a day of geocaching in Brooklyn. Learn from my experience on how to park here when you're hunting for a geocache. Trust me. :-O


  • 1stTG

    I only discovered this a few months ago. It has opend up a brand new past time. On my last holiday at Easter with the family I planned out lots of caches near to where we were going and manged to get the whole family involved even my 15 year old who doesn't like walking.
    Just wanted to say thankyou for passing on this great hobby. It has given me the oportunity to get to know my fmaily again. Thanks from the UK.

  • grandmanan

    I think this is a very good idea. As a person who loves to write long comments every time I find a cache, this is just the right kind of “place” for me.

  • grandmanan

    We are off to Denmark for a wedding, and hope to do some caching there if time permits. I love the idea of posting adventures in geocaching (as a retired English teacher–this is right up my alley). Lots of fun–super idea

  • busterbabes

    If your name is Eric, why does yer Lackey tag say “Uncle James”?
    LOL Looking forward to the HQ July 4th event video compilation!
    ~busterbabes and BBJR from the great midwestern state of cornfusion..errr.. Iowa!

  • KDubs

    Great Blog – what do you think about an icon for Geocache of the week so recipients of the award can put something on their profile page? Or the cache can have a special icon so people know which ones made the award?

  • Interesting idea. I'll throw that one around with the powers the be, see if anything sticks. Thanks for the suggestion and reading the blog.

  • KDubs

    I linked back to the site from the cache page and referenced the Geocache of the week (an icon would be really neat). Note that this is also a good way to get traffic to the site.
    Also I just placed two more Earthcaches on Mt Kilimanjaro!

  • Akfarrells

    I need help. I planted a GEOCACHE on SKYLINE in ALaska. But its one of those areas where you cannot plant caches. I need help retrieving the hidden cache. Cache retriever can keep the cache and “recache” it along with the travel bug inside. For coordinates contact akfarrells

  • SunniD755

    While doing some cache maintenance, the thought crossed my mind—we could ALWAYS expand our Geocaching membership.  Encourage others to make hides/ send out Travel bugs, etc.  What if we set up some kind of contest for cachers who have placedcaches/ sent travel Bugs around the world–Winner gets a chance to go to the destination (cache location) of one of their travel Bugs !! It could be for just a couple of days–they could do some caching in parts of the world they would normally never get a chance to go !!  Maybe it could be instituted as a sweepstakes entry–buy a chance for $1/$5/$10, etc. Good Luck !! Happy Caching !!

  • Karen KoDö

    Hello friends, I am looking for some geocachers in the Czec Republic. I think there was a Goecacher of the month from there. Can you help we with this? That would be great. Thanks a lot from Germany, Karen from Geocaching Deutschland on Facebook