Geocaching Class – Geocaching.com’s Lost & Found Video

Teachers are using geocaching to take their lesson plans out of the classroom and into the real world. Students learn about GPS technology, navigation, spatial concepts, math and more through geocaching. Watch how one teacher from McKinney, Texas, USA employees geocaching to educate her students about science. The Lost & Found video takes you along during a typical school day as Mrs. Burford’s elementary school class learns through geocaching.

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  • OhioTeacher

    I've really enjoyed using Math and Science lesson plans from The Educaching Curriculum.

  • ItsMySoapBox

    This is a great idea, however… Stay away from the big electric box (transformer) that hums all the time. I am surprised it is openly exposed on the school grounds.

  • Youdad

    What a great video. I'm also a geocacher/teacher, and we started geocaching with our middle schoolers last year (with two teachers addicted, how could we not?) and the kids really do enjoy the process and the hunt. Loved the questions in the caches approach.

  • Jpsscout

    Concerning your geocaching poll about the terrain levels, I personally voted level one because it makes it accessable to everyone no matter what there capablity might be, I can probably do level 3 or 4 myself, but have handicap people that I know or work with in Scouting that might not be able to do the higher levels.

  • Martin

    Very good idea but when I saw that girl putting her hand under the transformer I thought… this is it. Please be more responsible. Thx.

  • TKO1235

    Nic e, creative idea. Also, having worked in video and film production, I don't believe the transformer was humming audibly to the girls. I believe it was just interferring with the video camera frequency.

  • Joeleen

    McHenry Teacher – We are looking forward to starting up a Geocache club this year in our middle school. What a great way to make learning fun!

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  • Esnyder

    I liked how you used geocaching “in the classroom”. I am planning to present the idea of geocaching as a hoby and a teaching tool to our school’s administration. I am hoping to get an approval to have a geocaching inservice day for teachers. Many teachers do not know what geocaching is or how they can use it to enhance learning. We do have one teacher at my school who only uses it with a select number of students. Most teachers seem to think geocaching would only work at the elementary or middle school level. I am trying compile a list of ways that it can be used at the secondary level.

  • Fpenington

    I too was surprised that safety was not considered when placing a Geocache on an electrical box especially with what appeared to be a magnet.

  • HobbitTaz

    Love the fact the techer is using geocaching / gpsrs in thier lessons. Its a great way to get the kids actively learning. However I have to agee with an earlier post – I was really taken aback by the fact that you choose to place the cache on those electrical panels – That lends to tell the kids that it is ok to play around and on those type of areas. Even more so I’m surprised that you used it in the video knowing that you apparently had 3 or 4 other hides for that same project.

    Again I love the teaching method, just might keep safety and Good Geocaching ideas in mind as you set up the lesson.

  • MalachiWalker

    Very cool. I am going to try to begin a club in the spring for our students, grade 6. Thanks for the video blog.

  • Sklauderback

    What type of GPS do you have for your students?

  • Shogarth Hogarth91

    My teacher loves geocaching he told us about it and now I loved it!! Its so much fun!

  • Jackieosullivan

    I had a bunch of 14-15 year old Girl Guides attending an event recently as part of their Baden Powell Challenge. We spent the day geocaching in the city where we live. these girls later described this activity as ICT meets PE and feel they should be offered it as an option at school as “it is so much better than orienteering!”