“Geocaching has Kept Me Safer” Geocaching.com’s Lost & Found Video

Sgt. Kent "Doc" Byrd in Iraq
Sgt. Kent "Doc" Byrd in Iraq

Kent “Doc” Byrd is known as JrByrdMan162 in the geocaching world. In the United States Army he’s know as Sergeant Byrd.

He’s a member of an Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit. He defused bombs, including improvised explosive devices (IEDs) as part of the Army bomb squad.  He just returned from a one year tour of duty in Iraq.

Sgt. Byrd has been geocaching since 2005. He says the skills that geocaching instills — situational awareness, an eye for the unusual and quick detective work — help keep him safe when he’s finding and defusing bombs.  Sgt. Byrd believes that other  members of the bomb disposal community can learn to sharpen their awareness and stay safer through geocaching.

See his story above. Click  here to watch more Lost & Found videos highlighting unique geocachers and the worldwide adventure of geocaching.

  • Desireespence

    Darn it, I was hoping they would show the TB number lol

  • nslagle

    I have been wanting a TB tattoo for a while and a geocaching tattoo….hmmmm

  • Joe Gresham

    Byrd, this is cool…. Stay Safe!

  • Jeremytally

    This is such a great video, and his personal story is even better. Met him at the Lost and Found event. Sorry guys, the TB number is for individuals who have personally seen the tattoo.

  • We about a year ago via email/ voice as he was moving to the area, then met in person at the Kansas Lost and Found event… what a great guy, glad the posted the story!

  • Lonewolf_Geocaching

    Thanks for sharing. By the end of the year I will be on the ground in Afghanistan. I am in the Royal Navy and have recently worked in a combat support role with the Royal Marines. They do try to teach people that work with them to spot an IED since it a common method of attack. However, it is absolutely true that nothing prepares you better that geocaching to spot an IED or navigate across any terrain.

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  • phlyghts

    WOW….I am new to geocahing and founf this post inspirational.

  • Kjkllk36

    hjkjhkj =0

  • Sailingfc

    Great story. Thank you for your service!

  • lightmann

    Thanks for all you do.

  • PLMerry

    How about paid geocachers on every cities bomb squad to help prevent geocaches from being blown up any more. We geocachers need work too.

    As a petroleum truck driver (JP8 & MOGAS) and tactical convoy commander for two tours in Iraq (2003 & 2006) I thank SGT Byrd for his difficult job well done. Explosive Ordinance Disposal units put their lives on the line multiple times to keep my soldiers and myself safe. THANK YOU.

    SSG PLMerry

    PS After coming home from Iraq with a GPSr I searched the internet to see what else I could use a GPSr for. This is how I found geocaching. Released from AD 12/30/06 found first cache 1/19/07.

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