“Experience a Heart Racing 5/5” A Geocaching.com Lost & Found Video

A five terrain, difficulty five geocache tops the extreme scale.  They’re dangerous, by their very nature. This is a Lost & Found video of an attempt to log a 5/5 outside of Chehalis, WA USA. “* rivers and lakes” (GC6982) is rated 5/5.  The rating on GC6982 is perhaps more than precautionary.  Any hiker faces the real possibility of serious injury on this geocache.

View from near "* river and lakes"

A five terrain geocache traditionally requires specialized equipment. This cache requires study hiking gear, including tear-resistant gloves. Geocachers BrewerMD, DubyaDee and Towtrkdug, along with cache owner Slinger91 signed up for the adventure. See their hunt for treasure and the waterfall waiting at the end their journey.

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  • GeoTectives

    Well….5/5? You guys should come to Sweden and get some real 5/5:s 🙂

  • Setting yourself up for the tough challenge can be very dangerous, but also very rewarding at the same time. I have noticed throughout my experiences that many people don’t think it will be very challenging but they end up setting themselves up for failure because they do not know the terrain, or they simply cannot handle the course. Extreme geocaching can be rewarding, but please do not risk getting injured for a geocache.

  • globaltreckers

    Yeah, No ropes and you could see it from afar…

  • Did I see Signal playing in the waterfall? Cute.

  • I could see the Terrain being a 5, but the difficulty didn’t seem all that difficult…

  • Reversewinner

    Hardly a 5/5. Terrain looked interesting, but difficulty? Huh? They could see it from a mile away!

  • romERROR

    Hmmm, Terrain 5? whered does that come from, i allways thought T5 is a cache where you need special equipment.
    No doubt that this is a beatifull landscape and no easy hiking, but a lot of T4/4,5 Caches arround here are harder than shown in this video.

  • Briansnat

    Unless there was something they didn’t show in the video, that probably would be a 1.5/4 or 2/4around here. Not that it isn’t tough, but it appeared to be an easy find and the terrain was challenging, but not close to a 5.

  • Hotpapika

    Being a WA. resident …video cannot do justice to the near vertical bushwacking required for caches like this. Done several like this as well. Nice job on documenting it!

  • MrScience

    Great video. One minor correction that no one else would even notice. As the First Finder of this cache (MrScience), I can tell you the lunchbox referred to as the original cache in the video was not the original cache. It one of the previous caches, but not the original. If you look at the pictures I posted in my log in July 2002, you will see the original cache was an ammo box. At that time the hiding place for the cache was on a ledge in the middle of the falls, so you had to stand IN the falls to retrieve it. That original ammo box was washed away the following winter, when the water flow over the falls increased.

  • The Rats

    Great to see an Aussie icon at GZ. I cant say I’d call that a 5 terrain cache but hey it looked like lots of fun.

    The Rats – Australia

  • danal70

    I like the movie, but I need to make some comments. Terrain is only 4 or maybe 4.5 (can’t figure it out very clear from the movie). Difficulty is probably 3, anyway not more than 4.
    There are many geocachers not having an ideea about difficulty/terrain rating. We are discussing this so often within our community also.

    Anyway, let’s go geocaching and have some fun 🙂

  • Frank&Family

    Sissicaching in the US. No real 5/5 adventure like they are in Europe. And i wonder where the special equipement has been? Is the GPS already special …?

  • SureThing_II

    2/3? okay now I know that easy 5/5 can be found in US :o)

  • MountainNinja

    5/5 ??? that would be a 2/3,5 in Austria.
    Come to Austria and see some real 5/5ers.

  • Mazais Guntis

    This is NO 5/5 come to Latvia or some Nordic countries, terr there max is 4 diff 3

  • Scorpio1537

    I pretty much agree with the previous comments that the rating APPEARS to be too high based on the quick video on this one. However, I am curious the comments come from other parts of the world. how about showing a video of another 5/5 outside of America. I personally would love to see it!!

  • towtrkdug

    I was there, to me it was a 2/8.

  • Pazifik

    “I don’t think, most people should attend this.” -> a bit ridiculous, especially the self-exposing woman. “It’s definitely a challenge.” Guess, shopping for some sweets is challenge for her as well. Some slope, that’s all -> Pretty far away from 5/5.

  • Scorpio1537

    Anyway to put up a video of a 5/5 Sweden style? I would love to check it out!

  • Chel54

    yeah right you need to come to the heartland of the USA for the best 5/5’s…bluffs of the Mississippi

  • comc

    Terrain levels all depend on the person’s view. The cache at the top of Mt. Washington is only a 3. The climb there was much harder that what was shown here. Of course you could always drive to the top so I guess that is what the 3 is about. Oh well, I climbed.

  • Spglaser

    i would agree with mountian and geotechtives. european caches are alot harder, accvording to my dad. i cant wait till i get my 1st! Ivwould rate it a 2/4.

  • Drainhook

    this looks like a 1.5/3

    arms and legs are not special equipment…

  • aussiedragon

    I’m from Australia and agree with the other comments. That was an interesting cache but not particularly hard at all. You yanks either need to toughen up or the rest of us are making geocaching much harder than it was intended. 🙂