“Experience a Heart Racing 5/5” A Geocaching.com Lost & Found Video

A five terrain, difficulty five geocache tops the extreme scale.  They’re dangerous, by their very nature. This is a Lost & Found video of an attempt to log a 5/5 outside of Chehalis, WA USA. “* rivers and lakes” (GC6982) is rated 5/5.  The rating on GC6982 is perhaps more than precautionary.  Any hiker faces the real possibility of serious injury on this geocache.

View from near "* river and lakes"

A five terrain geocache traditionally requires specialized equipment. This cache requires study hiking gear, including tear-resistant gloves. Geocachers BrewerMD, DubyaDee and Towtrkdug, along with cache owner Slinger91 signed up for the adventure. See their hunt for treasure and the waterfall waiting at the end their journey.

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