“Nad Podkovou” GCXEWR GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK December 6, 2010

“Nad Podkovou” GCXEWR hides in the hills of the Czech Republic. “Nad Podkovou” translates from Czech to English as “Above the Horseshoe.” The cache takes adventurers above a horseshoe in the Vltava River. It’s the longest river in the Czech Republic.

Near geocache GCXEWR
A view down river

A. da Mek placed the difficulty three, terrain three geocache in July of 2006. Geocachers hike to a path 500 feet (160 meters) above the river. The cache is just off the path, allowing geocachers to avoid scrambling around the dangerous cliffs. More than 120 geocachers have logged a smiley on the cache.

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