Geocaching.com Caption Contest 19 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

WINNING CAPTION: “Muggles are coming! Quick! Act ‘natural!”‘ – apolloman25

Try your caption writing skills in the nineteenth installment of our Geocaching.com Caption Contest.   You could become the proud winner of a barely coveted prize! What caption would you write? “I think the muggles might be onto you.” You can do better!

Barely coveted prize

Submit your caption by clicking on “Comments” below. Please include your geocaching username in all entries. Then, explore the captions that other geocachers crafted.

You can influence the voting.  “Like” the caption that you think should win.  If you think your caption should win, convince your fellow geocachers to “like” your caption.  Lackeys decide between the top captions to crown the winner of this Geocaching.com Caption Contest.

Click on the photo to see the winner of this caption contest
The winner receives a barely coveted prize from Groundspeak Headquarters — the temporary 10 Years! tattoos pictured at left.

14 Lackeys voted to award the winner of the eighteenth Geocaching.com Caption Contest a barely coveted prize. Click on the image at right to discover the winning caption from the previous Geocaching.com Caption Contest. Apparently Lackeys have a soft spot for Monty Python movie references.

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  • SmithyPeaknuckle

    What happens after Chia Llama eats owner.

  • Poi_pai

    FTF gets my wife!

  • away2me

    If I can’t see you you can’t see me

  • GoTeamCookie

    I am stealthy like the Ninja. -Go Team Cookie

  • GoTeamCookie

    Cache will be tricky during the day. Watch out for the muggle – you’ll know her when you see her, the one in the tree.

  • Ysnow

    Did you see the bush on that one?!!

  • Gpsabbs

    Can’t wait till Autumn comes . .

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