“Taj” GC1A91Y GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – January 17, 2010

View from near "Taj" GC1A91Y
View from near "Taj" GC1A91Y

Geocaching doesn’t have to take a vacation when you’re on vacation. There are more than 1.2 million geocaches around the world, including “Taj” (GC1A91Y) on the doorstep of the crown jewel of Indian architecture.

More than 200 geocachers visiting the Taj Mahal have logged a smiley on this cache.

The difficulty 1.5, terrain one cache was hidden back in 2008. You need to do your homework to log a “found it” on this cache though. GPS receivers are not allowed past security. The cache owner, mapadula, suggests reading the hint on the page before beginning your treasure hunt.

Geocachers from all over the world have logged GC1A91Y: from the Czech Republic to the United Kingdom to Canada.

The cache container near the Taj Mahal

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