“We Come in Peace” GC1DA0H GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – May 16, 2011

Tasmanian Night Cache "We Come in Peace"

Aliens, a lightsaber wielding possum, and a geocache that could save your life. That’s all in store for geocachers brave enough to attempt the Tasmanian night cache, “We Come in Peace” (GC1DA0H).

The themed Multi-Cache, with a difficulty 2.5, terrain 2.5 rating, uses a geocache as an alien intelligence test. Snuva hid the cache in 2008.

According to the cache page, if geocachers are cleaver enough to uncover the cache, they will be spared during an invasion. The cache page reads, “As a Schnauzer is easy to recognise but Geocachers can easily be confused with muggles, we are therefore making use of this medium to assist us in marking our intelligent friends the geocachers apart from the muggles, who will be vaporised one day when we can be bothered. Your part in proving your worthiness is simple: just trust us to take you on a walk in the dark. Yes, it must be in the dark.”

View from near the cache location

Geocachers use flashlights to lead them through a series of cache stages. They collect clues that eventually unveil the final location. The cache coordinates reveal a stunning view of Hobart, Tasmania. The last geocacher to log “We Come in Peace” wrote, “Great cache one of my favourites I have found in Tassie. TFTC.”

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