Caption Contest 28 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

WINNING CAPTION: Seeing the rapidly approaching muggles, they assumed a d'FENCEive pose. – MedicP1

Share your genius for witty captions in the 28th installment of our Caption Contest. You could earn a barely coveted prize. What caption would you write for this picture posted on “The cachers’ spirits remained high, knowing their GPS devices could lead them from this trap.”  You can do better!

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Barely coveted prize

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The winner receives this, ‘barely coveted prize.’ The prize isn’t just one, but two Cache In Trash Out pins.  If you’re looking for a CITO event to attend check the calendar to find one near you.

More than a dozen Lackeys voted to award the winner of the 27th Caption Contest a barely coveted prize. Click on the image on the right to discover the winning caption from that Caption Contest.

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  1. Having just finished shooting the “captured-by-Ewoks” scene from Return Of The Jedi, the film crew were feeling a little cheeky and took a moment to show off the communication devices the “natives” gave them.

  2. I’m suggesting “Bringing Families Together”
    Because, My Daughter, in Austria, Was pictured with her geocaching team and their GPS treasure hunt prize, and so, inspiring me to play along, and join as “Team Ritchey” I have started in New Westminster, Canada. I haven’t seen my daughter for six years, nor My son.
    Her Name is: Lena Ritchey.
    It might be a way to connect with her in some way. Maybe you have some ideas, like both having a trackable or something of the sort. 
    No matter how vague, it’s a connection for me. And I’m having a blast geocaching my neighborhood.
    love the hamsters! ;o)
    Team Ritchey
    p.s. where do I buy those little geocaching stickers?

  3.   I have heard a lot about geocaching and would like to bring it to my classroom. The Florida weather usually cooperates and my kids are really excited about the idea! If there were a list of top ten tips, what would they be? 

  4. Maybe the cachers didn’t realise that setting up a geo-fence is purely virtual, however they still created it dynamically!

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