TNT : Donjons & Mountains GCJPN4 GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – January 23, 2012

Attempting "Donjons & Mountains"

TNT : Donjons & Mountains (GCJPN4) earns its difficulty 5, terrain 5 rating. It also earns a “wow” from the geocaching community. The Multi-Cache has tallied more than 90 Favorite Points so far.

Geocachers spend a day tracking down clues throughout rural Belgium and France. The clues help crack the codes on the cache page.

Once geocachers find the answers they discover coordinates for the final cache. Through it all gecoachers follow their GPS to encounter donjons (fortified towers) seemingly sprouting in the deep forest. They finally finish on a “mountain.”

Cachemier created the cache in 2004.  He crafted a comprehensive cache page that’s worth eyeballing. It lays out all the information a geocachers needs in a clear and playful way.

On the cache hunt

The cache page is also clear with a warning. It reads, “If you are afraid or unsure of: heights,depths, darkness, small spaces, various wildlife like spiders, snakes, birds, bats, getting dirty, wet, cold, scratched by briers, bruised, tired, hungry and thirsty — then you should seriously reconsider going on this geocache hunt. One or more of the above elements WILL happen to you on this hunt. However, if you like adventurous hikes and you thrive for the challenge and don’t mind a bit of discomfort then this is the Belgian Geocache hunt for you! If you do decide to take on this challenge, your experience will be one you will remember!”

Car packed to attempt "Donjons & Mountains"

The cache page also lists the items you’ll need to complete the cache which includes dozens of items like a climbing harness, safety rope and carabiners.

News of Donjons & Mountains is spreading from geocacher to geocacher. It’s already on 37 Bookmark Lists.

One geocacher who logged a smiley on Donjons writes, “A while ago, I had a long interesting conversation with a geocacher from Belgium. He highly recommended this cache. Reading the listing, the logs – I decided, yes this cache has to go on my To-Do-List. We really enjoyed our TNT: Donjons & Mountains Trip. Thanks for this adventure and greetings from Germany.”

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