This is My Hobby – Creative Geocaching

Have you seen a geocache this creative?


[vsw id=”pVmnFRovPXI” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Check out the latest Geocaching.com video above. Share it with your friends to show how geocaching is more than finding plastic containers in the woods, it’s unlocking adventure — and it’s exercise and learning and exploration and, and, and… (your answer in comments)

[This video was shot with express permission from cache owner. The cache name is “The Outlet Mall.” It’s GC1RKTP, located in Washington State, USA]

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  • MrGrubstake

    One of the real wonders of geocaching – and one not too often talked about is the creativity it fosters! I have many many times been amazed and awed by the creativity I have seen from cache owners! And yes, it has even spawned some creativity in me that I may not have known I had – geocaching really is the greatest hobby/sport on Earth! – MrGrubstake

  • Anonymous

    Alnilam’s “contraption caches” are genius and both handily won WSGA Cache of the Month honors. “The air of your ways, 64 to 1 odds” (GC19WNZ) is at the same location. Well worth the trip on the Mountain Loop Highway to Darrington. 

    In fact, the Mountain Loopy Hwy has so many cool caching opportunities – including Big Four Ice Caves, Monte Cristo (mining ghost town), and Mt Pilchuck – that WSGA’s 9th annual Summer Campout will be there this summer (July 27-29). Great chance to visit Alnilam’s caches and enjoy the scenic surroundings!

  • Knorton78

    This cache and the other cache in the same location that hydnsek mentioned have been on my list for some time now, I am hoping to get my little group together that wanted to go with me & get out there in the VERY near future. We are lucky yo have these two, and some other quite creative caches in our area. (From Hippychick1620, a local cacher)

  • pattes

     You have more place, in Switzerland it’s hard to find a place…