Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – February 29 2012

Sometimes one Trackable (or two or three or a dozen Trackables) from Geocaching.com simply isn’t enough. Shop Geocaching offers bulk orders of tracking codes. The options are endless. You might mint your own series of Geocoins, print a large order of Trackable t-shirts for your geocaching group, or wow your friends with Trackable cows. The minimum order is 50 tracking codes. Think of it, you can track a whole herd (of cows or friends).

Geocachers often use bulk orders of tracking codes to prepare for geocaching events. The codes can be used to make almost anything Trackable, from attendees’ nametags to the geocaching cake at the event.

If you’re interested in less than 50 Trackables at a time, there’s a solution. Purchase a Travel Bug® or two. Activate the Travel Bug and then include the tracking code wherever you like – you can tattoo it on your arm or carve it into your favorite walking stick. It is important that you do not place the tracking code in more than one location, as it will cause confusion as to which item is being tracked.

Once your codes are activated, sit back and watch your items, from cows to cakes, get ‘discovered’ on Geocaching.com. Find out more about the Geocaching.com tracking code policy and view the contact information for ordering your own codes here.