New ‘Submit a Cache Listing’ Wizard

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The new “Submit a Cache Listing” page walks geocachers through an easy six-step process to list a geocache. Creating a cache listing has never been more streamlined or easier to understand. You’re able to focus on what’s important – submitting a well-crafted cache listing.

The “Submit a New Cache Listing” process is now easier than ever before. An online tool or wizard walks you through each step. The steps flow from “Cache Basics” to “Location,” then “Additional Waypoints,” “Description,” “Container & Ratings,” and finish with “Submit Cache.” There are fundamental steps that cannot be skipped – such as a name for the cache and coordinates for the location – as well as optional steps. There are helpful tips and information throughout the process.

Before beginning the process you should read the Geocache Listing Requirements and Guidelines. Knowing the guidelines helps ensure submitting a new cache goes smoothly.

Here are some quick notes on the new process –

  • Attaching and editing images will need to be completed after a cache page is created.
  • Editing a completed cache page – published or unpublished – will revert to the old form for now.
  • At the end of the new process, you will have the option to save your work and come back to it OR preview it and then submit the cache listing.
  • The development process included months of testing with the volunteer reviewer team, to whom we are grateful for their input and feedback.

We want to hear your feedback about the Submit a New Cache Listing wizard. Leave a message below.

Click here for additional release notes.

  • Gerryu2

    Just tested it and I love it.

  • Sabrefan7

    I tried it out. Its pretty fluid I would give it a thumbs up 

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  • donweb

    Looks nice. But where can i find the link?

  • Redisant

    Why does this still not detect possible conflicts with other caches which are nearby? If if did cache hiders wouldn’t have to wait for the review cycle to determine if another cache or stage is too near the new cache’s coordinates. Other than that looks great.

  • The link is hyperlinked in the text… here’s the straight-up URL: http://www.geocaching.com/hide/cachebasics.aspx

  • Internally we call this our “litmus test” and our plan is to release this in future updates to the cache submission process. It was challenging to get a good baseline wizard to help with the process so we’re making sure we have it right before we add new features. I’m looking forward to this feature as well.

  • me

    Surely this feature would allow people to find puzzle caches by homing in on the location.

  • MAntunes

    I’m sure GS will find a way to prevent puzzle / multi cache’s final coord from being discovered by this new (future) tool. This subject were largely discussed in the GS forums and in the feedback (peoples voice) area.

    Thumbs up for the new improvements.

  • It looks great and I can’t wait to place a new cache so I can give this a test drive.  Thanks for all you do.

  • Countrymatters

    A big improvement, but the first page I came to was a reminder about caches that needed maintenance. However, all those listed have long since been resolved. So, whatever method is used to identify the need for maintenance, doesn’t seem to pick up that the issues have been resolved

  • the cuthies & max

    I thought the same about maintenance but even though resolved the Red Cross was showing under attributes so needed an owner maintenance log to remove.

    Dont like the way coords are now entered – we already have enough issues with people listing caches with coords up to 300ft off, the new entry method is so open to error and reviewers will not pick up errors as long as the coords make sense – think we will see many more eronious coords with this method of input

  • Towtrkdug

    I also was surprised by three of my caches that had the same note. I just went and entered a performed maintenance log and then deleted the log. This fixed the issue.

  • Tedlyok

    nothing wrong with old way,now i have to learn something new (again)

  • Godiva2

    I agree with Redisant, after going to all the work of getting the cooridinates, placing the container, etc to then find out that it is too close to the ending of multi. With all the technology,  there must be a way that the answer to last multi would not be revealed.
    The new format does seem easier to use. Thanks for upgrading.

  • Iandeath68

    Why wont it let me add my coordinates? I keep doing as it asks me but keeps saying… Please confirm coordinates on map…… How do I do that?
    I thought this was supposed o be easier?

  • MillerDude

    Please add the old style of the Coordinates input section in, it will save issues down the road..

  • Ian Golec

    Looks good now but will probably be annoying after a while.

  • Iandeath68

    It wont let me add my coordinates!!! Can anyone help please?

  • Silleb

    I tried the new one the other night and went about half way through and hated it. I quite the new process and went back and was probably able to submit 3 new caches in what it would have taken to do the one with the new process. If it isn’t broken don’t fix it. New way is to cumbersome and time consuming. Old way is simple and compact.

  • We plan to address the issue when someone is trying to play battleship with the coordinates, but that in itself is an edge case for solving puzzles. I don’t think it is good policy to stop good ideas from happening because there are a small percentage of bad actors.

  • You need to click on the button that says ‘confirm coordinates on map’. This feature is so that you can check early on if the coordinates you have uploaded are correct.

  • I can’t  add coordinates to multi cahce. Its all the time is saying ”
    Please confirm coordinates on the map. ”
    I pressed button. on map i see marker at right location. But i cannot continue. And every time i press confirm button, country selection is gone. That is stupid. I prefer, that country can calculate from entered coordinates … 

  • Visitor

     Same here, I can’t pass this step either. Have tried both multi and mystery but it keeps saying “Please confirm coordinates…”. It seems no matter what I do. This feature seems poorly tested…

  • Travellers2011

     Me too! And it sucks!

  • Shari

    I am trying to log a multicache and cannot get past the ” Please confirm coordinates on the map.” part.  This is happening repeatability even though I have clicked on the orange “confirm coordinates on map” button, and the map is correctly showing the location I have entered. I have even tried clicking on the green arrow on the map, which just moves the map around.  I have tried 2 different browsers, and still no results. I see this has been an issue in the past comments – is there a work around yet? 

  • Shari

    I am having the same issue, however pushing the big orange button is not the problem. it’s as if there’s a missing “yes these are right coordinates” button or something…..it’s not acknowledged the orange button event event at all, dispite the correct location being seen on the map.

  • Loot Pirates

    Same here – can’t add a mystery cache. I can click the confirm button as many times as I like – but the moment I click the continue button this darn error message comes back. I’m a software developer and I can’t work this out!!! Come on guys, for a mystery cache this feature is pretty much unusable.

  • vmichaud

    I also trying to log a new cache and can’t get past the confirm cordinates on the map.

  • nightowlzzz

    On the new page, it appears you cannot submit a cache unless you check the “cache is in place” box (or whatever it is just above the “Submit” button), so in order to proceed and have a number assigned to the cache, you must either place the cache and make a second trip back, later, to add the number info, or ummmm, lie, and say the cache is in place and then add a note to the reviewer that the cache actually is NOT in place but will be once the number is assigned and the cache reviewed. So the question is, how can a cache be in place if you don’t have a number for it yet but the number is not given until you have submitted the cache. Would this be a ‘cache’ 22? 😉

  • gtcachers

    how do you enter to take the information to the next line in the description field – instead of having every thing linted as one paragraph. I’ve listed a mystery cache and would like each question to be on a separate line, but when I hit enter, it lump all my line into one continuous paragraph with no line breaks.


    I HATE the new Form of Submission, its long and laborious. Several pages, several scrolling pages ughhh. Some of us are power users and quite capable of doing this on a single page and wide screen monitor, which would be a hell of a lot easier and actually increase the ease for some of us doing hides and submissions.
    How about a Pro-Submission page. The current one is NOT easier, no way in the world. It looks like a 5 year old created it.
    I personally dont like Wizards at all, put cache pop-up tips sure lets have them, lots more of them in fact.