2012 Geocaching Block Party Invitation – Geocaching.com Presents

You’re invited to the 2012 Geocaching Block Party on August 18!

[vsw id=”u2B7BpL-3qA” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

The world is invited to Groundspeak HQ in Seattle, Washington USA to celebrate the global phenomenon of geocaching. Check out the cache page, and log your “Will Attend” to meet geocachers from around the world and talk with the Lackeys and Volunteer Reviewers who help power the Geocaching.com experience.

Each year, Geocaching.com celebrates International Geocaching Day on the third Saturday in August by hosting the Geocaching Block Party. The Geocaching Block Party on August 18 runs from 11am to 3pm at Fremont’s Solstice Plaza by the JP Patches statue. Geocachers can challenge themselves with beginner, intermediate, and advanced geocaching courses. They can also explore the Fremont neighborhood where Groundspeak is based and win prizes with “Fremont Funventures”—all while swapping geocaching stories. The public is invited to explore the family-friendly adventure of geocaching and meet geocachers from around the world. More than 2000 people from a dozen countries attended last year’s Block Party.

Around the world, there will be nearly 200 events in more than a dozen counties. Anyone who logs a cache or an “Attended” for an Event Cache on August 18 this year earns the 2012 International Geocaching Day souvenir for their Geocaching.com profile.

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  • Ericdelma

    Wish we had the funds to come across the country to go to this. It would lots of fun.

  • Longtomsilver

    Looking very much forward to the great Party and coming with a bunch of other cachers from Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium.

  • Chip+Dale

    World like to Join this Event but it is Not during our holidays when we will be in Seattle arriving with a vessel And staying only for some hours of a Day. Hopefully the Time will be enough for At least One Cache in the City of the HQ – another Cross on our World Map having started geocaching this Year And have currently still Not our milestone 100… – have Fun And a Good Time And Hunt to the Whole Community of Cachers Being the Lucky ones able to Join the Event. Greetings from Germany Chip+Dale

  • Petitepamp

    We’ll be back from France just on time… hoping to make it even jetlagged!

  • Homeworkclub

    I don’t know about you, I couldn’t see anything on the video.  It was a white rectangle making little honking and squeaky noises…:(

  • Countrybiscuit

    would love to come to this event,But pay checks just don’t stretch that far.Maybe next year,till then cache on!!!

  • LiTaKiHa

    We love these guys! Can’t make the party, but will go after some caches on the big day.

  • harrickson

    Great video!  Someday we hope to make the Block Party.  A geotrain/geotrail this year!

  • grandad24

    funny video.  I can’t make the west coast, so will make sure I find a cache on the east coast.

  • Mmccarrol

    I went to the party last year and had a GREAT time!!!!

  • I wish I could go! 🙁