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A Birthday Message from the Geocaching.com Founders – Geocaching.com Weekly Newsletter

Geocaching.com Turns 12-Years-Old

It’s been 12 years since Geocaching.com came to life on a home computer in the spare bedroom of a Seattle-area apartment on September 2, 2000. At that time, fewer than 100 geocaches had been hidden around the globe. Twelve years later, more than 1,000 geocaches are hidden by geocachers and published by volunteer reviewers each day.

The mission of Geocaching.com is, “To Inspire Outdoor Play through Location-Based Technology,” and for many people, Geocaching.com has grown from a website into a way of life.

The game of geocaching powers exploration and discovery, creating and enhancing the spirit of a community bound together through the love of outdoor adventure. It is simply amazing to consider the wide variety of adventures and experiences that have been created and shared on Geocaching.com by you, the geocaching community. Millions of lives all over the world have been changed in a positive way and this is just the beginning!

With your help as a global community of outdoor adventurers, we are determined to share the adventures of geocaching with the rest of the world. As a community, we’re growing up fast but staying young in our thinking. We’re striving to turn every location into an adventure and ‘wow’ our fellow geocachers with new ways to explore, share our adventures, and enhance the quality of our lives through geocaching.

At Geocaching.com, we’re honored to be part of the worldwide community of adventure-seekers known as geocachers. We invite you to join us on this journey for years to come. Now, get outside and play! It’s as easy as clicking here.

Happy Geocaching!

Jeremy, Elias, and Bryan
Founders of Geocaching.com

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