Weekly Newsletter – August 1, 2012

Shop Geocaching — Outfitters of the Perfect Hide

They’re the geocachers who deliver “wow.” They hide caches—good caches. Their caches give you more than a just digital smiley—they put a smile on your face. Everyone’s recipe for making a great cache is slightly different, but there are some basic ingredients. Start with a powerful location, add a gripping story and well-constructed cache page, and end with a good cache container.

Whether it’s creative, crafty, or camouflaged, you can find your cache container at Shop Geocaching. There are dozens of containers and supplies to spark your imagination, from Pine Cone containers to Magnetic Bolt Geocaches. Pick the perfect container for your new geocache location, get the other ingredients together, and soon enough, you’ll be responsible for the “wow” caches in your area.

Outside the U.S.? Find an International Geocaching Retailer.