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3 Quick Tips for Successful Geocaching

Perfecting your geocaching treasure-hunting technique takes practice. The best kind of practice is simply to geocache more. Here are 3 quick tips that can help add more joy to geocaching for new cachers and those who have a few finds under their belts.

1) Set Yourself up for Success — Start your first geocaching adventure looking for difficulty 1, terrain 1 geocaches. Check the logs to make sure the geocache has been found recently. This will let you know the geocache will be in place. Search for a “regular” or larger geocache that has at least a few Favorite Points.

2) Know Your Cache Containers — Geocaches are often cleverly hidden. They might be camouflaged to look like a rock or to blend into the environment. Check out this video to see 5 Geocaches in 30 Seconds. If you’re still stumped while looking for a geocache, check out the recent logs and the hint. As a last resort, you can email the cache owner for an additional hint.

3) Find a Geocaching Friend — Geocachers love to share the location-based adventure. Attend a local geocaching event to meet other geocachers. They’ll be glad to help with any questions and offer a wealth of knowledge into geocaching around your region.

Once you’ve found your first geocache, make sure to write a log thanking the cache owner and detailing your adventure. You might even spice up your log with some geocaching lingo like TFTC (Thanks for the Cache) or TNLN (Took Nothing Left Nothing). You’ll be a geocaching pro in no time. Check out the benefits of Premium Membership to really kick your geocaching adventure into high gear.

Trackable Week 2012

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