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Tessellated Pavement GCT7VH GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – September 10, 2012

Rainbow off the coast of Tasmania

Chasing rainbows might just lead you to one of the most popular geocaches in Tasmania. Tessellated Pavement (GCT7VH) delivers cachers to a geological phenomenon. The rock along the beach has fractured into tile shapes. Snuva hid a geocache near this location in 2006.

A young geocacher explores the cache container

The difficulty 1.5, terrain 1.5 traditional cache rests in an area rich with natural beauty and creative names for natural formations, “… less than 10 minute return walk will take you to this natural pavement. Although this pavement doesn’t have a cafe, some of the names of rock formations will definitely have you thinking geologists think about food an awful lot!”

Names for other nearby geological sites include “The Devil’s Kitchen” and “Tasman’s Arch.”  Geocachers can also explore the Earthcache “Walking on Nature’s tiles pavement” at the location.

More than 200 geocachers have logged a smiley on the cache. One cache who logged “Tessellated Pavement” writes, “Truly amazing what nature can do! The kids were so taken by this place they even took photos of the information boards so the can do a project on the pavement.” Another geocacher says, “What a simply amazing natural phenomenon. Looks like something man made. Nature even built in steps. And the view… Simply WOW. TFTC.”

View of the Tessellated Pavement

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