Table Mountain Travel Bug® Hotel – GC31WXR – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – September 17, 2012

A very organized TB Hotel

Trackable Week highlights a Travel Bug® haven where TBs check-in and check-out with ease. You can find an outstanding example of one of these locations in South Africa. The Travel Bug Hotel is sure to take your geocaching adventures to new heights. Table Mountain Travel Bug Hotel (GC31WXR) in Cape Town is the cache to log, drop off, and retrieve Travel Bugs from all over the world.

You might even see a local

Located on top of the city’s iconic mountain, the difficulty 1, terrain 1 traditional cache is quite the attraction. Geocachers can hike up the mountain or take a cable car to get to the hidden treasure. Not only is this a safe and secure cache that requires a code to be opened, it also comes with an incredible view.

Visited by millions of tourists each year, this ancient mountain has also attracted nearly 250 geocachers to summit for a chance to look for the cache. Treasure hunters from 33 different countries awarded this creative and well-organized treasure 55 Favorite Points in just one year.

Checking in

The cache page provides fun facts about the location, but the logs and pictures submitted by geocachers describe incredible experiences.

CapeDoc was inspired to create a cache on Table Mountain when he visited this area not too long ago. He says, “I noticed the amazing international blend of people on the top of the mountain. It struck me that it would be a great place for a Travel Bug hotel. The cache fits my philosophy: good listing + interesting hide + awesome location = great cache.”

Geocachers who logged this cache agree. One cacher writes, “A very nice TB hotel with lots of travelers waiting to be taken to their respective destinations. With this being such a popular tourist destination, I’m sure this one will become one of the most visited caches in SA. TFTC!”

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View from the mountain