• CacheCab Crew

    Brings me back to the Highlight days. As a kid, I loved that magazine….will have to look this over alter at home.

  • too easy!

  • simrebel

    can you say eye strain

  • Nudibranch58

    That was fun.

  • Found all of them.

  • Pappasky

    This was a fun event at the Block Party in August. I remembered where they all were!! woo hoo

  • WaG!

    Stopped looking for the caches after I found 18 nanos on lamp posts… Gosh, I hate those!

  • Found Jeremy and Elias much easier than finding Signal and Bryon, but found them all nonetheless. Only found 3 of the 10 geocaches before getting a headache, though. Great idea on the “Where’s Signal” search! Hopefully, there will be more… and bigger… (:P)

  • taz427

    I’m glad we didn’t have to find all the caches at the Block Party. It took me a while to spot the 8 that I did just now. Including one rather large one. I think it was much easier w/ a poster sized (and gridded) image.

  • Teslawire

    Had to zoom in to 300% to find all the caches, but I finally got them. Nice diversion.

  • TMR68

    Hey! Is that Bigfoot?

  • Mirec

    Nice, but…hey, the caches are placed against the rules! There are collisions! 😉

  • Ow3n and friends

    I see the doctor but where is the TARDIS?

  • Carol

    I remember the Highlight mags, too. Love these, and yours is excellent. Found Signal before I found Bryan.