Holiday Geocaching Gift Guide

Unwrap the Thrill of Geocaching

Let Shop Geocaching and our International Retailers guide you to the perfect holiday gifts for the geocachers in your life. Wrap them in must-have geocaching clothing and gear, or stuff their pockets with shiny new swag.

Here are some of the most exciting gift ideas from Shop Geocaching. You can bundle your loved ones in this new Geocaching Scarf for cold weather cache runs. They’ll impress other cachers with a clever geocache hide using one of nearly two dozen cool cache containers. Or does your geocacher already have enough gear, but nowhere to put it all? Send them out in the field with this Maxpedition JUMBO Versipack. It packs more than six roomy compartments and a Velcro Travel Bug ® patch.

Visit the International Retailers site for an extensive list of distributors outside of the United States.

For geocachers in the United States – Shop Geocaching is offering a free Travel Bug® for every $25 spent. Just use discount code: BLACKFRIDAY. The sale runs November 21st through November 26th.