The Weekly Mailer: Working for You

Your Caching Concierge – Delivered

Each week Geocaching.com delivers a geocaching adventure starter kit to your inbox. It’s the Geocaching.com Weekly Mailer. You can opt into the Weekly Mailer by visiting your Geocaching.com Profile page. Go to Your Account Details and change email preferences.

When you receive the Weekly Mailer look to your left and you’ll discover a mega list of Mega-Events. You can map out a trip to meet hundreds (or thousands) of other geocachers near your home or across the globe. There will be more Mega-Events in 2013 than ever before, so keep watching that column on your left for updates.

Enter a location near your home on your Geocaching.com profile and the weekly mailer becomes a tailor-made caching service. New caches hidden close to your location will be listed each week below the article. You could be logging a first-to-find (FTF) in no time; think of all that room to write your username on the log! You’ll also receive a list of nearby events that will give you the opportunity to talk to local cachers about geocaching, connect with your growing caching community, and learn some cool caching tips and tricks.

Watch for your Geocaching.com Weekly Mailer each week and get the most out of caching!