Is that a Geocacher in Your Rear View Mirror?

By MissJenn and RCA777

Is that a geocacher in your rear view mirror?

Geocachers might be easier to spot in Ontario, Canada than anywhere else on earth. The province approved the world’s first official Geocaching.com branded license plate.

A Geocaching.com license plate was one of the attractions at the 2012 Geocaching Block Party. It was proudly showcased in the “Geocaching Museum.” It rested among other unique items from the history of geocaching. Exhibits included the world’s first geocoin, a log book from an original Project A.P.E. cache and a Travel Bug that spent some time on the International Space Station.

These unique license plates (which also feature a “GC” license plate number) are now available in Ontario, Canada. Local geocacher Roy  Alexander aka RCA777 spearheaded the initiative.

Geocaching Museum exhibit

Roy says, “The Ontario government have offered graphic license plates with logos of professional sports teams for a few years. The graphic license plate program expanded and other organizations were also beginning to offer graphic license plates. I was certain that geocachers in Ontario would appreciate their own geocaching license plate … and the Ontario Geocaching.com License Plate Project was born”.

After contacting Geocaching.com and the Ontario government to confirm the process and work through the details, Roy reached out to the Ontario geocaching community for their support.  Roy is also an active community member within his local Central Ontario Geocachers  group (COG). Through monthly events and their annual Mega-Event, COG spread the word of the project across the province. Other regional groups also helped to spread the word, echoing the message of the project within their community groups and discussion forums.

Living room full of license plates

To keep everyone informed, Roy created a Driven to Geocache website as well as an Ontario license plate Facebook group.

Roy explains “The Ontario government required a bulk order of 200 sets of plates before they could process our application to the graphic license plate program.  After a year of promoting the project, there were commitments for all 200 sets of plates. The government fee for the new plates was collected from everyone and the order was placed.  After the plates were manufactured, they were shipped to me for distribution. The living room floor was quite a sight for a few days!”

At the Geocaching Block Party, Geocaching.com received special delivery of their own license plate from Roy.  As the Lily Pad is located at Latitude 47 (hence the name of our blog), it seemed appropriate that our license plate would be 01GC47.


Geocaching.com branded license plates are now available to all Ontario residents through the local Service Ontario offices, who handle driver and vehicle licensing.

Some tips for success:

  1. Make sure you understand  all the requirements from your official agency.
  2. Ask Geocaching.com for official permission to use the logo.
  3. Early on, agree on a foolproof way to allocate license plate numbers within your group.  The first numbers (01, 02, 03…) and the doubles (77, 99, etc.) will most likely be very popular.
  4. Create an easy way for group members to communicate with one another.
  • Treknschmidt

    As an owner of shiny new geocaching plates I’d like to take the time to Thank Roy Alexander aka RCA777 for his hardwork in spearheading this. My plates have definitely been noticed by other motorists 🙂

  • Binibini

    Kindly change the spelling of the word provence to province. Thanks!

  • Congrats, Ontario! We are definitely jealous down here in New York!!

  • It’s $82.15 for a set of random issue “GC” plates from Service Ontario.
    If you want to add the graphic to your *existing* personalized plate,
    they charge $138.65 (however, you must have 6 characters or less on your
    plate incl. spaces to do this). If you want a personalized plate (NON
    graphic) they charge $251.65 for that privilege. Adding the graphic to
    that brand new personalized plate an upcharge of around $82, bringing it
    to $336.40…. Yes, the $82.15 regular GC plate is the more cost
    effective option!

  • MacGyver69

    Congrats to Ontario!!! I just learned about this after starting the same venture in Mississippi a couple weeks ago. Wish us luck!

  • WorldServer

    Oh boy, now we need personalized GC plates here in Wisconsin!!!

  • Dex4

    Love my GC plates. Thanks Roy

  • geO_Kacher

    As a proud owner of an official Ontario Gecaching plate (01GC10) I must say thanks to Roy for his tireless effort in getting this project completed. It was a lot of hard work and he had to wade through mountains of paperwork, but the final result looks looks great on the bumper of my geomobile and his passion for this project it is greatly appreciated!

  • robmasterflash@gmx.de

    Wow. How can i get such s plate for my Collection?? This would be Great