• Being myself a graphic designer and infographist, I just loved the infographic released.

    I just have a little remark… concerning the national symbol of each country.

    The flag of a country and related colours should NEVER be altered…
    even in a B&W or dual tone presentation. Some protocols consider it
    even an offense.

    I would suggest that you could replace the dual tone flags by the real colour ones… please, please.

    Continue the good work!!!

  • de tuutjes

    Nice but the collors are bad

  • Mark Smith

    Is there a higher resolution infographic? Some of those words are very hard to read! (on the strip on the right)

  • Zop

    Interesting, 126,888 caches that can only be found at night yet has yet to be a unique icon for a night cache.

  • OllsonsLV

    I agree with Rui de Almeida – altering colors of national flags is a bad idea – for example, German flag looks like real Estonian one, and so on. Thats a five minute job for artist who created this info-graphic, so call now! Otherwise its nice done.

  • nicely done 😉

  • RED

    This infographic is really hard to read. Please consider making it larger and conforming to WCAG accessibility guidelines.

  • Rui,
    Thanks for your comment and kind words. Our graphic artist made this infographic quite a labor of love. Our intent was not to disrespect the countries by representing flags in two colors, but to emphasize the numerical information. We did try a version – quite a few versions – with full color flags. We determined that the viewer’s eye became overwhelmed by all the varying colors, resulting in the information we were trying to convey being lost in the process. Our cultural research did not reveal the protocols you mentioned, but we’ll continue researching. Thanks again for the comment,


  • F-i-n-r-o-d

    And where the hell is the Czech Republic in the figure with more than 20 000 active geocaches???

  • Nudibranch58

    I really enjoyed all the information that was provided. Thanks so much and keep it coming.

  • Jesper Thusgaard

    How did you define emerging countries. And why is my lovely Denmark not on that list?

  • NYPaddleCacher

    Why does the graphic say that there are 193 countries? The “Search by Country” drop down list on the Hide and Seek a Cache page has 248 countries/territories. I don’t know of anyplace on the site that lists 193 countries other than in this info-graphic.

  • 2aparrs

    Wow, lots of critics.
    This is really cool information. Thanks for putting this together for the geo community!

  • chris

    i absoloutely love these statistics also!!! so cool!!

  • Alvin

    The only possible solution is removing the flags, replacing them by the shape of the countries. That’s a neutral and recognizable symbol. Do not use the flags, it’s really a bad idea.

  • Hi Red, increased the file size to almost a full meg. Hope this helps!

  • cingault

    Love it! This took a lot of time and work….. GREAT information!

  • DougDawn

    Well, this is impressive for sure but I cannot find the 2 million
    countdown anywhere on this website. If it’s there how about making it
    easy to find 🙂

  • Jan

    Does the data in the first graphic reflect the actual data? Then why do the figures not add up to 1.9xx million?
    And yes: I don’t like the “coulors” of the german flag.

  • DukeOfURL

    It would really be awesome if there were a version of this graphic available that were 3 times as large.

  • Die Rettichs

    AUSTRIA: 37878 active Caches!
    Once again only 4 you: A U S T R I A!
    Only to be sure that you doesn’t missunderstood we are not Australia, we
    are A U S T R I A with nearly 40.000 Caches! 😀

  • Austria is a geocaching powerhouse! And there’s a surprise for you Austria when we reach two million! Promise…

  • The Talent

    Speaking of souvenirs, I have noticed that one state I’ve cached in has not been added to my profile. Is this happening in stages or perhaps is there an error (state is Victoria, Australia)

  • The Talent

    Actually, now that I’ve had a propper look, I see that it is in stages.

  • Rasmus Birk

    The Swedish flag looks more like the Danish flag when presented like that.

  • Essiggurkerl

    These are nice graphics – but much more interesting than the absolute number of caches by country would be the CACHE DENSITY: No. of caches devided by area or poulation!