Geocaching Caption Contest 38 – Win a Barely Coveted Prize

How was I supposed to know the fire hydrant WAS the cache?

Tell us your funniest caption for the above picture of these two geocaching dogs, like, “I have no idea what I’m doing.” You could even win a ‘barely coveted prize’ in the 38th Geocaching Caption Contest. This picture was discovered on the Recent Geocaching Log Images page.  You can discover the 1000 most recent images from recent logs.

Submit your best caption by clicking on “Comments” below. Please include your Geocaching username in all entries. Then, explore captions other geocachers have posted.

Barely Coveted Prize... or is it?!?!
Barely Coveted Prize… or is it?!?!

“Like” the caption that you believe should take home the barely coveted prize. If you think your caption should win, convince your fellow geocachers, your friends, and family to “like” your caption. Geocaching HQ staff will vote from the top finalists to decide the winner of the contest.

12/12/12 King Kong
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The winner receives this month’s ‘barely coveted prize.’ The prize, which might be coveted in many circles, consists of three vintage Signal the Frog pins, including a rare 2007 Happy New Year pin.

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  • Axeman22

    “caches? I thought they said cats!”

  • Giraffe 15

    “I know seeing eye dogs are supposed to find things for their owners, but this is REDICULOUS!!!”

  • Yeah, this map may come in handy when he falls out of the trees again.

  • Hey Sammy, I thought you said you were paperless trained!

  • Zargfinders

    I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to EAT the GPSr… I just wanted a turn…

  • BigAl437

    Dog 1: You’re sure you gave them the wrong map? Dog 2: Yep, and I see you still have the cache in your mouth. It’s too bad they don’t even get the hint of “all dogs like to fetch them”. Dog 1: I know. This is going to be so funny and so worth being in the doghouse.

  • Hcokmot

    Look at our masters searching through the bushes. I wonder what’s gotten into them. Strange creatures those humans…

  • What do you think it means when that device they are holding says “Recalulating”?

  • And They Moan At Us For Stopping At every Lamp Post ! And Tree!!!

  • bgh

    OK!! Next time we only use one GPS!!!

  • Joington

    *In hushed whispers* “Ok ok, Don’t look, don’t look, don’t look! I don’t want to alarm you, but my map says that we are at GZ and there is an abandoned vacuum cleaner just there! Just stay cool and it might leave us alone…”

  • Morisato

    If he let’s go of this leash, I’m grabbing the Cache and I’ll be FTF!

  • r.e.s.t.seekers

    Dude, I think you just left a present on the cache.

  • We don’t need GPSrs to locate the missing geocachers. We have scent-sational location tools built in…. 🙂 (Geocaching name = Poole_Man)

  • Stadskasheuren

    Yeah I know, but this old “Travel Bug Dog Tag” trick normally works. This wretched muggler dog thing seems to stay forever though…

  • J&LA

    “Bet I can make a more realistic geopoop than that!”


    Hey blackie you wanna go on a QUICK DATE

  • JR and Juju

    Lost! We can’t be lost, you have the map! I told you to use the GPS Gizmo.

  • devinolson

    “It’s not a purse.. its an Official Geocaching satchel..”

  • Joshtrecker81

    I wish fleas were this easy to find..

  • harmonypair

    Which way do we go now? Well, I don’t know, you got the map!

  • Zargfinders

    We told the dog to lead the way but he hasn’t got much farther than our driveway!

  • Smart Red

    Black Dog: “We go THIS way!”
    Blonde Dog: “No! Im the one with the map here!”

  • StarBarkers

    “forget what’s said about our noses…..we need an iphone!!!!”

  • delver-mark

    Don’t worry, I’ve brought my human along to operate the GPS

  • I told you, it’s NOT a purse, it’s a swag bag!

  • auntcack3

    Did anyone tell these idiots that we could find it faster then they can if they would just back off?!

  • pipigrl

    “I see it, the cordinates are right on. I will act casual and maybe the FTF will be mine. She always gets it first.”

  • Crouchcrew

    “Hint? What hint! We really need to upgrade to paperless geocaching!”

  • vic’s plunder


  • vic’s plunder

    Love it

  • vic’s plunder

    Good one

  • vic’s plunder

    Hahaha, cute!

  • vic’s plunder

    OK, that’s good so far gotta be my favorite!!!!

  • vic’s plunder

    This is pretty cute one!

  • vic’s plunder

    First they make us come along, then they won’t even let us hunt! So here we stand, pack mules, yep! Go figure!!

  • Magicman65

    Can we get a hint or a bone?

  • Wally R

    I found the cache, did you bring the pen?

  • Kimberly

    “I see a SQUIRREL!”

  • eiffeltowerdream

    Why do you have a map of California? We’re in Maine. “Puzzle cache”

  • jayden.streatfeild

    You have a map and you’re still going the wrong way.

  • Greg Gore

    According to the map it should be on our left

  • Brandi McCormick

    Just helping out our muggle like a couple’a ‘Good Fellas’!

  • lesleyraysheeprock

    “Hey its not my fault I can’t enter the coordinates into a GPS, I least I brought a map!”

  • Konza Coyote

    Dog on Right: “Spider!”

    Dog on Left: “Dude! Get over it! The cache is over here!”

  • schlossy

    It must be missing,…I’ve looked everywhere!