The Geocache Type that Cares – CITO

CITO cares blogExplore the joys of finding an old soda can or picking up faded, weather-worn newspapers. Sounds wonderful right? It’s a wonderful feeling if you’re tromping around with a group of geocachers who are helping clean up geocaching-friendly locations. It even has a name: Cache in Trash Out (CITO). It’s easy to earn a CITO Event smiley and put a smile on your face at the same time.

More than 12,000 adventurers in over a dozen countries took park in CITO weekend this past April. Together, they cleared 50 tons of trash around the world. That weekend gets much of the recognition, but CITO continues throughout the rest of the year. Check out CITO events near you or host your own.  Many geocachers simply practice the principle of Cache In Trash Out every time they geocache. Interested in seeing the other smiley you receive from a CITO Event?


Watch this Geocaching HQ video and see what the CITO smiles are all about in less than a minute.