It’s Time to Kick It Up a Notch — Apollos pool with the million dollar view (GC13VNK) —Geocache of the Week

Part of what makes geocaching so great is the variety of ways to play. As you’ve probably seen in past Geocache of the Week posts, some geocaches are incredible and creative containers, some are epic puzzles, and some—like this week’s—are arduous journeys with big rewards.

The pool and the view. Careful, there's a 200 foot drop off that ledge. Photo by geocacher stretch.kerr
The pool and the view. Careful, there’s a 200 foot drop off that ledge. Photo by geocacher stretch.kerr

As you might gather from the title, Apollos pool with the million dollar view (GC13VNK) is all about the amazing vista at ground zero. However, to make it to the final location and earn your smiley, you’re going to have to negotiate 4.5 difficulty and terrain ratings. The geocache owner, glyn(the only one), said “The place of the cache was suggested by a good friend of mine Alex who lives close by. He suggested that this would the “ultimate” geocache, given the isolation, difficulty and the stunning place to visit…It’s a real mission to get in and out, hence the difficulty rating.” He goes on to say, “I have a creative streak and want visitors to enjoy my creations or discover the places that I have found in the same way I’ve been enjoying others in lots of locations here and overseas.”

Despite the difficulty, the payoff is totally worth it. If the photos aren’t enough proof, just read some of the Found It logs. Geocacher -OGP- said, “One solid bush bash of a slog that took us to a spectacular place. It’s that much more fun with a good group. As the bush was drawing evermore blood I had to keep reminding myself this is fun and part of the adventure. The pool dropoff and view are worth every bit.”

When you find the geocache, don't forget to celebrate. Photo by geocacher keeweechris
When you find the geocache, don’t forget to celebrate. Photo by geocacher keeweechris

Another awesome part of this geocache is the owner’s dedication to keeping it maintained. He says, “Our local cachers are good at helping maintaining caches and this helps me out. I also spend more time in maintenance than in finding caches myself.” And of course, the positive logs and favorite points help keep him motivated, “I guess I “feed” on the comments that I get back, drives me on.”

Some finds are worth celebrating. What’s your favorite (family-friendly) way to celebrate completing a geocaching adventure? Tell us in the comments.

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The pool and the view, again. Photo by geocacher Rumo and Rala
The pool and the view, again. Photo by geocacher Rumo and Rala




    Here’s two worth considering…”The W”, in the Sandia Mountains around Albuquerque (GC1FEH1), and “The John Dunn Cache” (GC3E9C), along the Rio Grande in Taos Canyon of northern NM. Read the logs and check out the photos to understand why they’d make worthy cache of the week stories. If anything, they make you think twice before setting out to try and find them.

  • capsai

    I want to nominate GC3B7V9 “Horch und Guck”, because the name (Listen and look) is program and over 1400 favorite points can’t be wrong. It is “just” a large 1/1, but the cache itself is a great handwork with a very entertaining content.

  • funkymunkyzone

    Well done Glyn. This is an excellent cache in a truly magical spot! Well worth the honour of Geocache of the Week.

  • stretch.kerr

    Nice work, Glyn. I’d give it multiple favourites if I could, and I’d gladly revisit that spot.

  • KiwiFruitsNZ

    Well done Glyn ! This one just got onto our To Do List. Awesome to have some great Kiwi hides recognised.

  • Darby&Joan

    Congratulations Glyn, its great to see you getting international recognition, for your hide efforts. Haven’t visited this one, will have to check to out.

  • greenblat

    Apollo’s rocks – if anybody’s going I’d love to revisit this one