Geocaching Quick Quiz: Geocache or Log?

It’s a question geocachers face almost everyday on the geocaching trail, is that a geocache or log? Check out the image below of three logs and a stick. Do you best geocaching detective work. Can you crack the case?

Logs or geocaches??
















To reveal the answers…








The answers revealed! Are you a geocaching cache detecting superstar?


Did you guess right?

For a look behind the scenes at more creative geocache containers and ideas, visit Shop Geocaching and check out the Creative Geocaches video below. What is the most camouflaged geocache container you’ve come across? Tell us about it in the comments.

Paige Edmiston
Paige (ThePaigeTurner) is a Marketing Specialist at Geocaching HQ. She likes books.
  • Ralloh

    Two come to mind. One was just a few large Post-It notes stuck between the pages of a phone book hanging off a pay phone. Took a bit to figure it out. The other was an ammo can. Inside was a note saying that was not the geocache but to keep looking because you are real close. My lady and I actually had to come back a second time to finally figure there was a narrow log, like you see rolled up in a micro, slid in a gap on the inside of the ammo can lid.

  • GuiderSam

    Came across one that the cache was called working on the railroad and the clue was hardware? The cache was in a hollowed out railroad bolt. Another favorite of mine was an old soup can that was just thrown on the ground with a bunch of other garbage. The cache was under the lid at the bottom of the can.

  • Super cool! Thanks for sharing…

  • We went back three times before we found this one. It was in the woods, so the satelight signal didn’t always keep up with you. There were fallen logs, and stumps all over the place, so there was a multitude of possible hiding spots. Every once in a while one us would just sit on a big stone at the base of a tree and wait for the gps to settle down. The cache seemed to be in that general vacinity. We even lived the rock a few times to peek underneath. It was only when someone actually turned it over that we found the hiding place. Someone had taken this rock home and ground out a hole, put a cover on it and painted the cover to match the stone. It was not immediately visible if you just lifted the rock and peaked under it.

  • 5gocaching

    One of our favourites was a cache in a short series called “four candles”. The cache we found (didn’t have time to do the rest of that series as we were out on another series) was hidden inside the handle of an old handheld garden fork. Love it when the clue is in the name of the cache like that.

  • Will P.

    I’ve made a cache that looks like the “log” on this picture.

  • Hartful

    I really got them right. I have actually made a cache out of a stick very similar to the one in the pic that ISN’T a cache! I love playing with my drill!

  • Kell Sønnichsen

    An empty fire extinguisher – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_extinguisher – hanging on the wall of a fire station. You had to take it down and find a hole in the back where the cache was hidden.

  • Larry Mathews

    I found one in Florida where there was a small tree in a landscaped area that was being supported by four wooden stakes and ropes. One of the wooden stakes had been sawed in half, hollowed out, and a log placed inside. I don’t remember how the two halves were held together, maybe with dowel pins and holes, but the saw line was hidden under the rope where it was tied to the stake.

  • Kimchicash

    Mountain dew can, modifiedw. Screw off lid, on ground w other rubbish.

  • Dare2Geocache

    1. A very realistic fake bird nest up high in the rafters of a gazebo. Including some yucky white stuff!
    2. A real bracket fungus, hollowed out in the back with a bison tube inserted, then placed back on the tree using dowels.
    3. I’ve found two that were hollowed out broken wooden stubs placed in the ground beside other saplings. Looked so much like they belonged there…

  • Ekwuss

    How wonderful, the creativity will bring me back to caching. I’d gotten so discouraged because of all the micros out there. They may be a challenge to find, but our area has been flooded with the micros. I’d much rather have the fun of looking for that truly creative cache. Thanks :]

  • Snowskiin

    Great idea you guys should do this more often I guests completly wrong

  • Maria

    We hand made one… Doesn’t look nearly as nice sadly. We get favorite points on this easy one:
    First, get a piece of wood. Not a branch, but not a log. If you know what I mean.
    Then, get a little container. Maybe one of those micro ones. Nothing as big as a regular film canister!
    Take one of the big drill bits, and with the drill press, drill a hole in the log that is big enough for the cache to slide into, with not too much room left.
    Get some good glue and glue the cache into the hole. Only the cap should stick out :). Glue some fake bugs on for squeals and go hide it!
    Once we found fake gum. Eww!

  • Dew

    “C” and “D” I had picked as a geocache because there is an unnatural ring line at the bottom. “A” looks good cause the line is following the grain of the wood.
    I would say “A” was the most convincing.

  • Drama princess


  • Cale

    That looks like fun. I am a recent starter that only went once.