Geocaching Rockets into Space (Again)

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You don’t read the words, “We’re going to space!” very often. So, how about we soak up the joy of reading those words once more? Let’s add a little pizzazz and shout it by using all capital letters: “WE’RE GOING TO SPACE!” Yeah! A Geocaching Travel Bug® is hitching a ride with astronaut Rick Mastracchio straight to the International Space Station. The mission is currently scheduled to launch from Kazakhstan at 4:08 GMT on November 7, which is 5:08 a.m. in Berlin and November 6 at 8:08 p.m. in Los Angeles. (Convert to your time here.)

Astronaut Richard Mastracchio (Source: Nasa)
Astronaut Richard Mastracchio (Source: Nasa)

Rick will live aboard the ISS for 6 months. He plans to use the Travel Bug as a tool to teach students on Earth, in his home state of Connecticut, about geography and science. He’ll also earn the Solar System’s most elusive smiley and find the International Space Station geocache.

We’ll be following Rick the whole way, beginning at liftoff. Ready for some more pizzazz? Geocaching HQ will issue a Geocaching in Space souvenir to those who attend Event Caches during the launch. You can watch the launch live online or check out the recording later and celebrate the geocaching community’s spirit of exploration.

Find out answers to frequently asked questions and everything you need to know about hosting a Geocaching in Space event at the Geocaching in Space Event Center. We’ll be updating this blog post with the latest information about the launch as it happens. All Event Caches must be submitted at least two weeks before the scheduled launch date of November 6. For more information on Geocaching in Space and Rick’s mission, visit the Geocaching in Space FAQ.

Check out this vintage Geocaching video of the first Travel Bug journey to space.

  • Very cool.

  • Kristoffer Malmström

    How about the date, the event must be held at November 6 or November 7? In Sweden the time will be 05.08 am at November 7.

  • Rosie

    Does he have a Facebook page like some of the others?

  • Around the launch is ideal: Here’s the FAQ page for some additional help – http://blog.geocaching.com/2013/10/how-to-make-your-space-event-the-best-of-the-universe/

  • Amoebit

    What happens if they have to postpone the launch? There are lots of reasons they may have to move the launch to a different date and time. How can we have an event that could change up to the launch time?

  • Capt Biggins

    I wanna host a an event.. how do we find the tv channel to watch it live.. Nasa.Gov is down at moment becuase of the shutdown

  • psykokiwi


  • Excuse me, this is *absolutely* ridiculous. Geocaching is, per definitionem, bound to the earth (it even is part of the name!). Also, the ISS-Alpha is not geostationary and thus can’t even have stable 2D lat/lon coordinates… Just stop this nōnsense.

  • I hear you, I do. However, I believe Geocaching is ultimately about empowering exploration and adventure. A Travel Bug is rooted in the joy of allowing people to travel vicariously through a geocaching game piece. Imagine the good that can be accomplished by using this Travel Bug to inspire students, to teach them about the wonders of our world from the high perch of space. Should we not push boundaries, should we not explore because it doesn’t fit a convenient definition? I understand your comment, but believe the spirit of geocaching will be on that rocket blasting to the International Space Station and I’ll be rooting on astronaut Rick Mastracchio and his Travel Bug the whole way.

  • Thanks for hosting an event! We’ll find a clean feed of the launch and post the link hear: http://blog.geocaching.com/2013/10/how-to-make-your-space-event-the-best-of-the-universe/ – Check back for updates!

  • J McCracken

    This is the Koolist thing since Koolaide do we have to go there to sign the log???…LOL

  • DangerousDale

    Hi Eric,
    I have seen several people using the picture/logo from your blog on their event page, is this okay and/or acceptable to do. I would like to create an event and I wanted to check to make sure this was okay prior to me being a lemming and doing something that wasn’t okay to do.

  • Patrick

    Get a life its a game…if kids can understand that you should, unless your to old and very unhappy with yourself.Sheldon