Request a Treasure X trackable and be a part of a treasure hunt like no other

X marks the spot for a hunt like no other!

This summer, search for REAL Gold dipped treasure with one of the Treasure X heroes. Goldcrown, Gold-Fin, Goldblade, or Pharaoh Loot Loot trackables are ready for their treasure hunts, but they need your help to get started!

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Geocaching family wins Hurtigruten photo contest and sets sail on a cruise to Norway

Geocaching can take you to amazing places all over the world. For one geocacher, it took her on a Hurtigruten cruise to Norway where she saw northern lights and quaint coastal towns.

In July 2017, Hurtigruten expedition cruises released 3,000 polar bear and penguin trackables for an epic adventure to geocachers in the United States. Geocachers showed how they “connected with their inner explorer” on social media for a chance to receive a seven-day expedition cruise in Norway for two. The photo contest winner, Sarah (@myruggy89), shared with us the story of her trip.

Sør-Trøndelag, Norway GC34WJD

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Book of Minnesota: A trackable journal

Geocaching duo Abe&Carly set out to create a trackable that was both memorable and inspiring. As opposed to the normal coin or Travel Bug tag they came up with the idea to try and capture the handlers creativity and leave their mark on the trackable. They created a trackable journal where geocachers could draw pictures, write stories, and show their creativity.

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Phenomenal geocaching community

Phenomenal geocaching community stories from 2017

Phenomenal geocaching community
Phenomenal geocaching community

A golden ammo box full of juicy geocaching secrets travels around France! A beloved German geocaching rock band retires after 10 years! A wheelchair-bound geocacher simultaneously nabs his first T5 and his 1,000th cache!

Geocachers have always done great things and this past year was no exception. Here are some of the most phenomenal geocaching community stories from 2017.

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Episode 11: The Magic of trackable promotions

The recent Magic: The Gathering trackable promotion has generated lots of excitement in the geocaching world. In this episode, we hear from Geocaching HQ’s Katie and Ellis, who helped produce that promotion. We’ll also get the lowdown on some historical promotions from HQ co-founder Bryan Roth.

Do you have fun stories to share about adventures with trackables? Email us at and tell us about them!

(UPDATE: We have a winner for the trackable that was mentioned during the show!)

You can listen to the episode via this page, or on iTunes or Google Play. If you use an aggregator to subscribe to podcasts, you can access the RSS feed here.

A full transcript is available here.