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Mark your calendar for early November, 2013! Geocaching is rocketing into space once again. Astronaut Rick Mastracchio will deliver a Travel Bug® to the International Space Station. Mastracchio will be using the Travel Bug as an educational tool to help teach students around the world about geography and provide other educational lessons. The mission is currently scheduled to launch from Kazakhstan at 4:08 GMT on November 7  and we want you all to be there (at least in spirit). That means the launch is planned to liftoff at 5:08 a.m. in Berlin and November 6 at 8:08 p.m. in Los Angeles. Find out here what time the launch is in your part of the world!


Every geocacher who attends a Geocaching Event on November 6 or 7, 2013 will be awarded a “Geocaching in Space” souvenir.

*Quick note: As this is a  real-deal rocket launch, it could be delayed. In this case we’ll issue the souvenir for attending an event on November 6 or 7, and for attending an event on the the actual launch date.

If you feel that you are an expert when it comes to Geocaching Event guidelines and are up to host a space event in your area, take a look at these tips to help your guests have an out of world experience:

1.) Think ahead. Neil Armstrong did not spontaneously decide to hop on a rocket and fly to the moon one day. Rumor has it there was some careful planning (and serious calculations!) involved. The same should apply to your Geocaching Event. Do you need to make reservations for a venue? Do you need to craft or decorate? Are there any questions you have to clear up before submitting your Event Cache? Keep in mind that you have to submit your Geocaching Event at least 14 days prior to the rocket launch, which means October 22 or 23 are the cut off days for your online submission.

2.) Think collaboration. You’ll want to get a crowd together to celebrate this once in a Trackable’s lifetime opportunity. To maximize the number of geocachers at your event, check to see if there is already another event published in your area. If there’s already an event, be a team player! See if you can help the event host with planning their event. You can share the load and maybe even serendipitously make a new friend.

3.) Think atmosphere. Unfortunately, NASA has a few rules about who gets to go to space, so we can’t all be out there with Rick Mastracchio, but that shouldn’t stop you from making your Event location look “spacetastic.” Here are a few ideas to space up your place:

  • Hang up dark fabric sheets and stick a few aluminium foil stars on them.
  • Remember the glow stars you  stuck to the wall next to your bed when you were a kid (or an adult, we’re not judging)? It is time to get those out of the old dusty boxes in your basement.
  • Collect a few paper towel rolls and get together with your family on a rainy day to craft some mini-rockets. Then have a contest at the event to see who can throw them the furthest up into space (or the air, as we call it on Earth).

We are sure you have many more ideas on how to decorate for the launch too. Share them with us in the comments below.

4.) Think astronauts. What are astronauts like? They are really, really smart—just like geocachers.  To further improve the brain power of the international geocaching community, put together a little quiz for the event to keep everybody entertained and your brain cells in action. For example: “What year did the first man set foot on the moon?” or (some would say) more importantly, “When was the first geocache hidden?” You see the possibilities are endless and so is the universe (or at least it’s really, unimaginablybig).

American astronaut Rick Mastracchio


We hope that our tips will help make your geocaching in space event a superstar. Now we want to know from you, what you wouldn’t want to miss at a space event you are attending! Tell us in the comments below.

A few things to remember:

Scheduled Launch Date: November 6 (EST), 2013

Watch Launch Live*: at 04:08 a.m. GMT on November 7 (11:08 p.m. EST on November 6) – Convert to your time zone here

*NASA TV will broadcast the launch live. You can download a free NASA TV app for Android or iPhone, watch NASA TV live on their websitewww.NASA.gov, or watch the launch on the NASA channel on your cable TV. More questions? Check out NASA TV FAQs here.

Facebook Geocaching in Space Event Page: Coming Soon!

Geocaching in Space Souvenir Image: Coming Soon!

Geocaching in Space Souvenir Patch:  Proceeds go to the educational charity Donorschoose.org

Check out the Geocaching in Space FAQ to have all your questions answered!



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  • Michael Franks

    Sounds Great. I will set up a London event on 6thNovember 2013 in the evening

  • Joe

    Sorry if I missed this but any listings of already created events?

  • Thavia

    Where can we watch this? On TV or online? Basic or cable?

  • hatnixzuverlirn

    should that be my first selfmade event? 🙂

  • Gerda van Bilzem

    Yeah, great Idea!!

  • Yeodi22


  • Excuse me, this idea is *absolutely* ridiculous. Geocaching is, per
    definitionem, bound to the earth (it even is part of the name!). Also,
    the ISS-Alpha is not geostationary and thus can’t even have stable 2D
    lat/lon coordinates… Just stop this nōnsense.

  • The listings are just starting to come in! Plan a Geocaching in Space launch event in your area.

  • I hear you, I do. However, I believe Geocaching is ultimately about empowering exploration and adventure. A Travel Bug is rooted in the joy of allowing people to travel vicariously through a geocaching game piece. Imagine the good that can be accomplished by using this Travel Bug to inspire students, to teach them about the wonders of our world, from a perch in space. Should we not push boundaries, should we not explore because it doesn’t fit a convenient definition? I understand your comment, but believe the spirit of geocaching will be on that rocket blasting to the International Space Station and I’ll be rooting on astronaut Rick Mastracchio and his Travel Bug the whole way.

  • R Hart


  • Bob Graf

    Well there goes any chance of setting a travel bug distance record!

  • BobGraf

    Perhaps this is a good time for ham’s to step in! maybe slow scan TV.

  • rocketsciguy

    I’ve tried two times to reply to this message, but it’s been filtered out each time. This time, I’ll try without the hyperlinks!

    If the U.S. government is funded by then, the launch will be broadcast on NASA-TV. The main site is at [just google it], which offers streaming. There are several other places on the internet where NASA-TV may be seen, including UStream, or with a Roku box. NASA-TV is broadcast on DirecTV channel 346 and on Dish Network channel 286. It’s also carried on some cable providers and other pay TV services, so “check your local listings.” If you have an appropriate digital receiver and a C-Band Big Ugly Dish, you can point it at the transponder satellite and get a direct feed!

    In the event NASA-TV is still off the air at launch time, check [SpaceFlightNow dot com]. There will be a “Mission Status Center” page for the Soyuz TMA-11M / Expedition 38 launch, typically including live text updates during the countdown. If there is a free live video stream of the Soyuz launch from a backup Russian souce, it will most likely be available there. (When available NASA-TV is shown.)

  • R Hart

    Great idea…..73s de N3DXU

  • Tjaybee

    Maybe it could be the first “cosmocache” 😉

  • Lady Geo

    What about libraries? I’m a geocacher and would like to plan an event using our West Branch’s auditorium. They usually list their programs on their website and would include my Event in Space program. Would this be considered a no-no?

  • dragon flyer

    It would be really cool if this TB found a permanent home some place where many cachers could discover it when it comes back to earth. HQ, maybe?

  • dragon flyer

    And it would be a much trickier and thought provoking question to ask what year the first woman set foot on the moon…

  • huhugrub

    Event published in Wellington, New Zealand – GC4PVKV. Start time of event: 2013-11-06 04:30 UTC ; 17:30 NZDT, just under 24 hours before the scheduled launch time …

  • 007 and the PI

    Is this launch even a go given the government shutdown? I cannot even find a working weblink on the Nasa website. Thoughts? 007 and the PI

  • Jenn

    What wouldn’t I want to miss at a space event? Signal plush with an astronaut suit. 😀

  • Paul Smith

    Hams? I only know of one.
    (Little joke there for those who know their early space history)

  • SugernSpice

    That would really be cool to me and I’d hot foot it there just to see it. Have to find an event or something near me as I’m definitely going to see this!


    This ‘Travel into Space journey’ even inspired me to host my first event! I will then bring along some GeoCoins (related to outer space) to show. Looking forward to the safe journey for the whole Astronaut Team.

  • Angrod66

    Event published in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic – GC4Q99N – will start at 5:00 CET on Nov. 7.

  • Angrod66

    Event in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, published – GC4Q99N.

  • GeezerGriz

    I’ve got an event – it may be the first ever in Antigua and Barbuda – but I’m not sure it will be well attended. You’ll all invited!


  • PathfinderMark

    SO how do we find whether there are potentially gonna be events in our area? I haven’t seen a list anywhere yet and we’re three weeks away.

  • Louie620

    We’re Going to Space event in more northern alberta. Also was inspired to create my first event.

  • bjkoi

    Is is possible to make a cache on a non stationary platform, like a cruise ship? Maybe like a pod cache that uses port of call and ship name for the coordinates, and pod cast directions to the location?

  • Geocaching Türkiye

    we are planning an event on 6th November 🙂 (Istanbul Turkey)
    everyone are welcome to our Event :)))

    perfect timing perfect event
    happy caching

  • Guest

    I am excited to say that Geocaching will have yet another representative in this mission! I just won a trivia contest from Rick Mastracchio himself via Twitter, wherein I’ll be sending a photo for him to take with him to the ISS (I believe along with a few other winners as well – a virtual crew, in a sense :).
    I’m also hosting a Geocaching In Space event on the 6th in Waterloo 🙂
    This is too cool! 😀