Does Your Geocache Pass the D2W Test?


Three things can ruin any geocache. It’s true whether your geocache is a creative hide, a geocache that delivers hikers deep into the untamed wilderness or a fantastical Puzzle Cache with a big surprise twist. If your geocache is soaked through with water, the container is cracked or geocachers don’t know it’s a geocache because it’s not marked, it’s what some people call a #fail.

D2W isn’t a droid from some sci-fi movie. It’s a quick test for geocache owners. To avoid the #fail, check to make sure your geocache is D2W compliant. It should be:


  • Durable
  • Water-tight
  • Well-marked

Are you interested in a seeing a geocache that fits all three criteria? Check this out. Every once in a while at Geocaching HQ we hear the success stories of D2W geocaches. Look at the Geocaching Blog post about a geocache that was lost in a flood and then found, still intact, 30 miles away and three years later. Share your advice for passing the D2W test in comments after this article.

  • rogbarn

    Is it just me or should that be DW2 not D2W?

  • Guest

    Since it’s a multipication function it shouldn’t matter…

  • dragon flyer

    Since it’s a multiplication function it shouldn’t matter…

  • StickBouncer

    It matters little about how waterproof your container when finders do not close them properly or do not hide them as found so that they get easily vandalized by non cachers. perhaps you could do a piece on the importance of this aspect of caching. I have a cache that moved 0.2 miles from it’s original location in a few months and I am constantly having to replace logs due to cachers not closing containers

  • c2icGeocaching

    No no it’s not just you ! For me it’s D2W too ! :o)