Geocaching Quick Quiz: Name that Lingo

Sometimes reading geocache logs can be as tricky as deciphering top secret super spy codes. Check the geocaching acronyms in the log book below. Can you decrypt this geocaching lingo?


To reveal the answers…








The answers revealed! Are you a geocaching super spy?



These are just a few of the gazillions of geocaching acronyms out there. Have you come across lingo not listed in this log book? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Paige Edmiston
Paige (ThePaigeTurner) is a Marketing Specialist at Geocaching HQ. She likes books.
  • Game Stalker

    It’s too bad we are all in such a hurry that we have to use acronyms. I would just as soon slow down, enjoy, and spell it out.

  • Team Smokey

    IDK for sure, but perhaps its kudos to the CO? Cache Worth The Weight? Just a guess, maybe you want to send the logger a PM?

  • Stefanie Olsen Nordberg

    I finally just emailed the cacher and asked him directly what CWTW means in his posts. He said he puts that when he is out “caching with the wife”, LOL! Thought it was clever. But I do like your thought above that it could mean “cache worth the weight” when a cache is a good one. 🙂

  • JOAT

    So, how do you write that on the logsheet?

  • Catherine Kilgour

    You don’t need to be computer literate to type a few words rather than TFTC. It takes more work to turn the computer on and navigate to the logging page IMO than actually type in a log.
    How about:
    – easy find – took ages to find – found with friends – found on way to work – very windy today – saw a butterfly on the way to the cache – son loved this cache – ouch lots of prickles – thanks one more smilie for me –
    You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write more than copy and paste TFTC on all of your finds, how is that any better or different to any other cut and paste you so dislike?
    By the way my shortest log is 8 words on a cache I didn’t even like!

  • Mallorcajoerg

    And if you are in Spain:
    GPEC = Gracias por este cache!
    It means the same as TFTC – only in spanish

  • dragon flyer

    And the relentless ammo cans were any more interesting?

  • Maureen Da Costa

    I might use CWTH next time. Caching with the Husband! Thanks!

  • Kris Scheets

    Ok I’m new to this what do these stand for?

  • John Considine

    DTP (Designated Tall Person) I have a Vertically Challenged partner!

  • the hitchings

    I’d don’t think we will need most of those because we uselly cache close to home or places we know.

  • didiallo

    Translation: I live right across the street for three years and I have never even seen it once.

  • FloresFamily7118

    To save some who may be looking for specifically what I was: TFTC. “Thanks for the cache.” On my mobile, only took 15 minutes to get far enough into the blog to not only see TFTC mentioned a dozen times, but to finally reach one that actually said what it means! Lol

  • Bob Falfa

    Licked Pussy Clean and My Infected Scrotum Tingled.
    I rarely use these anymore, but see a lot of others that do.