Announcing Your Newest Geocache Type


Giga-Event is the Newest Geocache Type


Attended by 5,000 or more geocachers, it’s like a Mega-Event of mega proportions. The geocache type shows a new level of appreciation to events that engage, entertain and inform geocachers on a massive scale.

While we know that the metric system prefix giga stands for 1,000,000,000, the name arose from inside the geocaching community and it stuck. So we co-opted the term to stay in line with our current system of events and Mega-Events. And of course, the name Five-Thousand-Event didn’t have the same ring to it.

The first Giga-Event will be held here.
The first Giga-Event will be held here

When is the first ever Giga-Event? Pack your bags, we’ll see you (and more than 5,000 others) at Project MUNICH2014 in August. There will be others, as Mega-Events continue to grow into Giga-Events. We’ve got your attention, huh? Want to know more about this new geocache type? Check out the Giga-Event FAQ.

  • Matthew


  • T. Schulz

    Great one. Can u please unban me from facebook just because I commented (like all others!) that your new Android test app is rubbish and c:geo is better? Would be nice.

  • Gnomedodds

    Having this Giga at the exact same time as Bloc party surely does create competing events, we will have to toss a coin.

  • Humanoid

    Not my cup of tea… Brings nothing extra and got nothing to do with geocaching..

  • Rapsoel


  • It’s a coin toss you can’t lose. Either location is a big deal and promises tons of geocaching memories. Let us know how the coin lands.

  • Xi Zahn

    The wife and I were planning on going to the block party and hitting up all that the Northwest has to offer. We live in Sacramento so it’s an easy drive up. But now we might just have to rethink our plans — Been studying German for the past few years so it’s a good excuse to put it all to work.

  • I am curious as to how this will be measured?

  • Grunriese

    The new GigaEvent is out, and Groundspeak already supports the new icon in your user stats. But the Lab Cache has been out for over a year, and still not supported. Why? My guess is they never really planned to support LabCaches in the statistics and lied to us to dupe us into going after them with the promise they would be included in our stats (not just our find count). Obviously, if they can provide the new GigaEvent icon in our stats, they can do the same for Lab Caches. DO IT!

  • Jeremy Irish

    We’re working on it. The Giga event is on the current platform so it is easier to add that cache type. Lab caches are on an experimental platform separate from our core system so it takes more work integrating the statistics.

  • Grunriese

    Excellent! I didn’t realize that it was two different systems. We all anxiously await the new Lab Cache icon in the stats (and hopefully in GSAK as well).

  • md

    Does your spouse enjoy your referring to her as “the wife”, the way you might say “the dog”? This is the 21st century…

  • ohbeep

    Hugh Jackman reveals he’s a Geocacher, a week later Groundspeak announce the Giga event type. Coincidence? Is this in anticipation of Hugh going to an event?

  • ohbeep

    I can see this helping people better plan their event attendance. When an event hits Giga then things like accommodation, travel etc can become very important to plan well in advance. Even the worlds largest and oldest Doctor Who convention only makes 3200 tickets available and people plan hotels etc a good year in advance.

  • Colaman-112

    It would have been more mature to say that they could make their app better. No need to call their work rubbish.

  • HennesB

    hmmmm …. “attended by 5000 or more geocachers” – I count 2884 WA at the moment, that is (according to the FAQ) mega, not giga.
    Why does Project Munich2014 have a giga-icon then?!?

  • Good question! Each Will Attend counts as a geocache team, so while many are individual accounts, others bring entire families. Geocaching HQ takes that # of Will Attends and multiplies by 2 for the estimated # of attendees. See… simple. (almost). Great question!

  • We’re not going to say he’s not going to be there. Just saying, or not saying…. 🙂

  • We’ll use Will Attends, and then Attendeds to flesh it out. But each Giga-Event will also need to achive 5,000 once before being named a Giga. Much more info here: http://support.groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=501

  • ohbeep

    Do you think Mark Sloan from Greys Anatomy would attend.

  • Nezgar

    As I understood it, even non-geocacher attendees from friends, family, and even the general public that attend will count towards the 500, as long as they sign the official log book. Even the guidelines say only ‘attendees’.

  • Nezgar

    How many attendees were officially at the last Block Party?

  • Treadingjello

    Oh for heaven’s sake… Calm down! Why on the planet would the use of the phrase ‘the wife’ be enough to get your panties in a bunch? Instead of getting worked up over something so ridiculously insignificant (like, how someone PHRASED a statement, and not even a statement directed at YOU), how about you get upset about the economic crisis this country is in, or starving children, or animal cruelty, or even better, go volunteer your time at an abused women’s shelter. Maybe then you’ll get a better perspective on what types of situations need championing and which ones call for people to mind their own business.

  • Jason Foster

    He has time to geocache. I call BS 😉

  • Jason Foster

    My official response:


  • so, in order to be a Giga Event, 5000 distinct geocaching accounts have to log attended logs? I was thinking it was 5000 people. There are still a lot of families caching under one account, and thus, one account does not always equal one person and hence why I am confused as to how you are going to count 5000.

  • Xi Zahn

    I cannot offend — It is up to you to take offense to what I say.
    — And I often am referred to as “the husband” and find nothing wrong with it…Same as my in-laws, they take no offense when I call them “the in-laws” or my kids when call them “the children.”

    gee, I thought political correctness ended in the 90s…21st century problems include things like finding a safe, renewable energy source, feeding the masses, curing cancer — No time to worry about that petty stuff you really find offensive.

  • dragon flyer

    None of the previous events that appear to be part of the same series as Project Munich – 2014
    have registered 5,000 attendees, so the “Giga-Event” status seems a bit
    premature according to your explanation. Do you use the same
    “multiplied by 2” formula for counting up the number of attendees? That’s not clear from the Guidebook entry. It also doesn’t say anything about a series of events counting as one event…

  • Jeremy Irish

    The FAQ mentions 5,000 attendees, not accounts.

  • Jeremy Irish

    We determined by our own calculations that there were at or more than 5,000 attendees at the Project event last year.

  • dragon flyer

    Ah. I don’t imagine there will be a whole lot of giga events any time soon, but it might be helpful if organizers knew what those calculations were based on.

  • dragon flyer

    Wow – that’s a pretty emphatic response to something you’re telling me isn’t a problem…

  • dragon flyer

    But have you ever thought about why you (and others) do this?