Announcing Your Newest Geocache Type


Giga-Event is the Newest Geocache Type


Attended by 5,000 or more geocachers, it’s like a Mega-Event of mega proportions. The geocache type shows a new level of appreciation to events that engage, entertain and inform geocachers on a massive scale.

While we know that the metric system prefix giga stands for 1,000,000,000, the name arose from inside the geocaching community and it stuck. So we co-opted the term to stay in line with our current system of events and Mega-Events. And of course, the name Five-Thousand-Event didn’t have the same ring to it.

The first Giga-Event will be held here.
The first Giga-Event will be held here

When is the first ever Giga-Event? Pack your bags, we’ll see you (and more than 5,000 others) at Project MUNICH2014 in August. There will be others, as Mega-Events continue to grow into Giga-Events. We’ve got your attention, huh? Want to know more about this new geocache type? Check out the Giga-Event FAQ.