The Madness After Maker Madness

Get ready to find some amazing geocaches this summer!


A Maker Madness event log!

When geocache makers go mad, you’re the real winner. Get this.  From March 28 – April 7, over 21,000 geocachers in more than 50 countries took the Maker Pledge.  By signing this pledge, geocachers around the world promised to “live and breathe by Favorite Points, obtain joy from long and in-depth logs, perform maintenance when it’s needed (and before), inspire geocachers with photos and stories of your hides, and most of all, hide innovative and creative geocaches.” When these new pledges hide a geocache, there will be thousands of mind-blowing, stunning, life-altering (too much?) new geocaches out in the wild, just waiting for you to discover them.

It’s true, the 11 days of Maker Madness have come to end, but that doesn’t mean we are done saying “hurrah” to great geocaches and their makers. Say thank you to a great geocache maker today, ask them to show you the geocache hiding ropes, and sign your own Maker Pledge. Here are a few resources to keep your creative juices flowing, get inspired, and share the Maker Madness all year long:


This geocache is featured on Creative Geocache Hides on Pinterest. Your amazing geocache can be too!

What are you waiting for? Go forth & create! And tell us, should we revisit Maker Madness in 2015?

Paige (ThePaigeTurner) is a Marketing Specialist at Geocaching HQ. She likes books.