What’s in Your Username?

The first rule for choosing a username – make sure it fits in a tiny logbook!


The username is the geocacher’s calling card, signature, or tag.

It’s as primeval a mark of territory as a bear scratching trees in the woods. It’s “I was here!” yelled at the top of the lungs on a steep mountainside at twilight next to a small Tupperware container.

Like the superheros who grace the pages of dime store comic books, every username has an Origin Story. Some usernames are born great, some usernames achieve greatness, and some usernames have greatness thrust upon them.

We asked geocachers in and around Geocaching HQ how they chose their usernames—or did the usernames choose them? Read them, then answer the question at the end. 

Some usernames are unexpected.

Gunguy&fam – Is a forensic firearms examiner who started geocaching with his family.
Sparkle Donkey – Is a fan of the Sparkle Donkey brand of Tequila (El Burro Esparkalo).
Grillography – Was given a ‘Big Green Egg‘ Grill for his birthday and is also an avid photographer.

Some usernames evoke personal memories.

ThumbsGarcia – Had an intimate encounter with an X-Exacto knife that came abruptly and aggressively to life during a design project.
Ursa_Minor – A personal nickname used fondly in conjunction with her close friend’s nickname, Ursa Major. Little Bear and Big Bear.
SalemPirates – Started geocaching for the first time in Salem, Oregon, during a family member’s ‘Pirate’-themed 40th birthday party.

Some usernames just work.

Eliot Mechanism – Is a perfect anagram of this user’s real name.
Moun10Bike  – When this user signed up in 1990, AOL only allowed 10 characters in a username, hence the shortening of the name. (His son’s username: Moun10Tyke)
Prying Pandora – References the bit in The Phantom of the Opera when the Phantom calls Christine, “You Little Prying Pandora!” after she pulls his mask off. Pandora…Boxes…Geocaching. Voila!
Love – “Is all you need.”

The joy of seeing your name in the FTF spot: priceless

It’s a requirement of Geocaching.com that every username be unique. But we think it’s more the story behind the alias rather than its characters that creates distinction.

Now we ask you—what’s the story behind your username?



Alex is a Community Volunteer Support Coordinator at Geocaching HQ. When things get crazy, she sends in the big puns.
  • bulcacher

    Hey dragon flyer, the bul is from IstanBUL and the cacher is from geoCACHER. I lived in Istanbul for 6.5 years, where I started caching and got the name. Now that we’re gone, I could change it, but I think I’ll keep it since I started in Istanbul. I am very much looking forward to living in the Vancouver area. It’ll be nice to find some of your caches and meet some of the local cachers. I’ve already been looking at stuff up there. I’ll be arriving around September 1, if all goes well, and will look to get into caching there ASAP. Hopefully I’ll add some caches to the community there, too, once I get settled in.

  • dragon flyer

    LIke, duh – can’t believe I didn’t realize where you got your caching name! I think you should keep it too… Turkey remains my favourite of all the places I’ve been lucky enough to visit; just thinking about it makes me wistful… Will look forward to meeting you sometime and hearing some caching-in-Turkey stories…

  • sharon army

    i used to get gas at a station where an older jamaican gentleman would always give me a big smile and call me “mistress”, which i have to admit i kind of liked. then, when showing my sister and her boys a little known waterfall, she decided to record it and told me to introduce myself and “mistress of the woods” popped out. when i discovered geocaching it seemed like a perfect fit! when the woods calls me (as it does, often and loudly), i must go…

  • Regina Esposito Huffman

    I chose the name Godslady because He is the center of my life and I wanted my name to reflect that! I love that geocaching brings me out into the amazing and perfect world God created. It allows me to see areas of God’s creation that I would not have normally to the time to view!

  • Guest

    Our name is CACCBAG….for our family of 2 adults, 5 kids (Corinne, Alan, Christopher, Connor, Brandon, Aidan and Gabriella). We pronounce it “cache bag” but I wanted to include everyone in our family when I created the account.

  • DarkPendula

    My nickname in many games and online accounts is DarkPendula. Its based on my favourite band: Nightwish. They had the album Dark Passion Play which was the newest of them at the time, and my favourite song on it was The Poet and the Pendulum. So i glued the Dark from the album and the Pendulum together but something wasn’t quite right. Since i’m a girl i felt like DarkPendulum sounded too much like a boy. I then altered it to DarkPendula, which is now really my second identity. I even react to people when they call me DarkPendula. I really use it for everything and my nickname exists for more than 5 years now. I couldn’t live without it anymore!

    Call me Sandra, call me DarkPendula, either way: ITS ME!

  • Mek7

    My nickname is Mek7 because Mek was already taken by a person who only registered and never logged in again (and did not find a single cache).

  • newgamma

    not me, but i once met a father daughter team called pickle and cucumber.