The Newest Geocachers of the Month – A Geocache Series Creator

sadexploration – Geocacher of the Month

Sometimes the world is a big place.


It’s a daunting place with crisscrossing borders and politics, and for many it’s often isolating. Then there’s geocaching. The Geocacher of the Month taught us a lesson. The world of geocaching is small, connected and ready to celebrate the contributions of other geocachers.

We met three geocachers from different countries. Each delivers serious geocaching joy to their local geocaching communities, whether it’s gadget geocaches, inspiration and encouragement or a groundbreaking series of geocaches, or even all three.

Each of the geocachers will receive special recognition and a prize package for their contribution to the adventure of geocaching. Before naming the Geocacher of the Month, Geocaching HQ reviews community input and blog comments. Each comment is read and posts in native languages are encouraged.

It was a difficult decision.


A geocache series creator and geocaching ambassador to new players takes home the title, “Geocacher of the Month”.

sadexploration has called himself a geocacher for nearly a decade, added to the adventure by orchestrating a series of geocaches through the United Kingdom, and those who know him best do not stop there.

One geocacher writes, “I’d like to vote for Steve, Sadexploration. Not only did he create the fabulous Church Micro series, but he has set hundreds of amazing caches, His Devils Dyke Circular series remains one of my most memorable caching expeditions. It’s full of handmade and lovingly crafted containers many of which have ingenious gadgets attached and it’s not surprising that each cache on the series garners so many favourite points – well in to the hundreds. His caches are pretty special and as well as being a conscientious CO who maintains them all to a high standard, he’s a very friendly bloke who made me feel especially welcome at an caching event when I met him for the first time.”

he earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month geocoin

The other nominees for Geocacher of the Month also made huge contributions to geocaching. If you haven’t already, read Mr. Gadget #2’s comment about Geocacher of the Month.

Congratulations again to sadexploration for earning the May 2014 title of Geocacher of the Month.



If you know an outstanding geocacher who should be considered for the honor, simply fill out this webform.