January’s Geocacher of the Month

The time has come. Earlier this month, three amazing geocaching teams were nominated for January 2015’s Geocacher of the Month award, and a winner has been chosen.

As a refresher, here are the nominees…


Timpat is known throughout the New York geocaching community for his impressive hides, supportive nature, and extensive GPS and mapping expertise. With nearly 10,000 finds and 400 hides, he is a true inspiration to all. Not to mention, his kayak geocaches are amazing.

Tinman and Timpat

family Behrens (aka FB) has helped geocaching bloom in South Africa. He (and his family) are known in the local geocaching community for their creative and challenging geocaches (all 88 of them) and for throwing well-organized, highly attended CITO events.

T5? No problem for team Behrens

Koouye is recognized throughout the Belgium geocaching community for being a dynamic, passionate, and devoted geocacher. He is a social butterfly, known for hosting great events and for attending other’s events (133 so far!)

Koouye and his lovely family

The Featured Geocacher of the Month is named by a panel at Geocaching HQ after reviewing community input and blog comments. It’s a tough decision, given the combined contributions of these folks to the geocaching community as a whole.


After tallying the sentiment and reading the comments, family Behrens has been officially named the Featured Geocacher of the Month for January 2015.


There’s no denying that family Behrens or “FB” is an unstoppable geocaching force in South Africa. Their father, Jamie, leads the pack with his creative geocache hides and wonderful community organized events. Many would say that their passion and excitement for the game has helped geocaching spread like wildfire in South Africa and surrounding countries.

1000th find!

Finding one of family Behrens’ geocaches is a must. According to the community, they are beyond good, they are legendary. SawaSawa says that Jamie of FB “has become renowned for his wonderful creative caches for which he has garnered numerous Favorite Points and heaps of praise. He has also invented an original ‘trademark’ micro-cache design (100% waterproof) made from discarded plastic bottle tops which I have copied and used in many of my hides in Kenya. His ingenuity in cache design and care in preparation is now legendary in South Africa and especially Cape Town and everyone looks forward eagerly to the next FB creation.”

Mr. and Mrs. family Behrens

If you’re in the area, you should attend an event thrown by this geocaching team. Andre & Jeanne says FB, “hosts numerous events and CITO’s. He works together with Table Mountain National Park to do path clearing and removal of alien vegetation.”

Suikerbossies sums up the winner perfectly, “We love their hides, their unique containers, enthusiasm for the game and trouble they go to to give back to the game, nature and the community! Simply put, they are a great example and we are proud of them.”

Jamie of FB. Rain or shine, geocaching is on.

family Behrens will receive the very special Geocacher of the Month geocoin and a special prize package from Geocaching HQ, in recognition of their geocaching efforts.

Send your kudos to family Behrens and our other January Geocacher of the Month Nominees. They’ve made the hobby we love WAY more fun.


The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month Geocoin
The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month Geocoin
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