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Valentine’s Day Special: 11 Romantic Geocache Locations

Do you like candlelight dinners, soul-lifting conversations, and long walks on the beach with a little geocaching in between? If yes, then these romantic geocache locations were made just for you and your honey. Escape to the colorful beaches in Bali or explore the narrow streets of enchanting Casablanca, just in time for Valentine’s day.

1. TidesChallenge Cache — Bali, Indonesia
Geocache Type: Traditional

Bali is often associated with the word “love” and it’s evident when you visit why this word fits perfectly. The beaches are picturesque and the atmosphere is relaxing, all things that one would “love.” This geocache is placed in a sea cave  only accessible during low tide, adding a little adventure to your romance.

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2. Juliet’s Balcony — Verona, Italy
Geocache Type: Traditional

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Travelers (and geocachers) from around the world come to Verona, Italy to catch a glimpse of the balcony where Juliet might have called out for her Romeo. Visitors will stand by the statue of Juliet and proclaim their love by adding a lock (hint hint) to the nearby fence.

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3. Twilight — Forks, Washington
Geocache Type: Multi-Cache

If you’re someone who swoons over the word “vampire,” this cache is calling your name. Indulge a bit and experience the ultimate Twilight fantasy by journeying to the place where Edward and Bella met. This Multi-Cache leads geocachers to all the famous book locations.

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4. I ♥ Paris — Paris, France
Geocache Type: Wherigo

Nothing is more magical than a stroll through the streets of Paris, peacefully gazing up at the Eiffel Tower as you roam. Experience the entire city to its fullest through this fun Wherigo geocache.

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5. N Seoul Tower : Tree of Love Locks — Seoul, South Korea
Geocache Type: Traditional

If you love someone, lock them down. There are many ‘love lock’ locations around the world. This one wins quirkiest. Couples from around the world sketch their names on padlocks and latch them to one of the trees near the N Seoul Tower. The geocache that’s hidden there blends in  almost too well.

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6. Eternity in Casablanca — Casablanca, Morocco
Geocache Type: Mystery

Here’s looking at you, kid. Casablanca is known for its beautiful mosques, colorful buildings, covered markets, and historic sites. Enjoy getting lost in it all with your significant other.

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7. Dirty Dancing  — Asheville, North Carolina
Geocache Type: Traditional

We all remember Baby from Dirty Dancing. She spent her summer at a family camp, met a handsome boy, learned to dance, and then lived happily ever after. This geocache is placed at the film location, which is beautiful and remote. Feel free to recreate the famous dance scene with your partner if you feel up to it!

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8. Mount Aorai (2066m) — Tahiti, French Polynesia
Geocache Type: Traditional

Get away from it all. This geocache is perfect for the adventurous honeymooners. It’s hidden at the very top of the one of Tahiti’s highest summits. Although the hike can be strenuous at times, the views are stunning at the end.

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9. Brugge : Belle Lettere — Bruges, Belgium
Geocache Type: Multi-Cache

Fairytale Bruges enchants visitors from all over the world, and the delicious Belgium chocolate keeps them coming back for more. The city’s open squares, charming houses, and cobblestone streets creates a romantic atmosphere. Take a boat ride through the picturesque canals and then find this Multi-Cache to cap off the trip.

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10. Milford Sound — South Island, New Zealand
Geocache Type: EarthCache

A cruise through the Milford Sound to nab this EarthCache should be on everyone’s bucket lists. Waterfalls, mountains, and wildlife make for the perfect lovey-dovey escape.

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11. Love Lock — Buenos Aires, Argentina
Geocache Type: Traditional

It’s easy to get swept away by Buenos Aires’ vibrant nightlife and fun culture. Spend your nights drinking delicious wine at fun tango bars and spend your days exploring the city, finding geocaches like this heartfelt love lock cache.

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What’s the most romantic place you’ve discovered through geocaching?


Geocaching in 2015: A Year in Review


2015 was an epic year in the world of geocaching. 

There were many laughs, plenty of new geocaches hidden, and a lot of “Found it” logs.  As we start to plan for the new year ahead,  it’s fun to reflect on many of the amazing things that happened in 2015. Here are 15 of them.


1) We celebrated 15 years of geocaching!

It’s hard to believe that the hobby we all love celebrated its 15th birthday this year. During this time of nostalgia, it’s fun to look back at some of the most historic moments in geocaching history.

2) A year of events. Great events.

  • 2 Giga-Events (5,000+ geocachers)
  • 45 Mega-Events (500+ geocachers)
  • Over 28,000 geocaching events total

It’s evident from all the fun gatherings that took place that geocachers enjoyed making new friends and spending time with the old at an average of over 76 geocaching events per day!  

  • A group of kiddos search for the code word at the last ever Geocaching Block Party Mega-Event in Seattle.

3) A group of courageous geocachers journeyed to the center of the earth to log an EarthCache. Well, sort of.

Need more laughs? Check out all the past geocaching April Fools videos:

4) The geocaching community grew.

In December, the 15 millionth geocaching account was created on Considering that many geocaching accounts represent families, couples, teams, and other groups, there are well more than 15 million geocachers worldwide.

  • Geocaching in Cambodia.

5) The game’s 453 community volunteers made the game better for everyone through their contributions as reviewers, moderators, and translators.

6) Geocachers joined in the global CITO (Cache In, Trash Out) movement and gave back to our lovely planet.

Over 19,000 geocachers collected garbage, restored natural areas, and worked on community improvement projects during CITO weekend in April. If each person picked up one 5 lb (2.26 kg) bag of trash, that’s over 40 metric tons of garbage collected. That’s (approximately) 7.4 elephants, or 7 elephants and two cows. This impressive number does not include the hundreds of additional CITO events that took place throughout the rest of year.

7) 4 incredible trackable branded promotions took place, including the super cute Mountain Warehouse promo.

With nearly 500 photos entered into the Mountain Warehouse photo contest, geocachers showed clever photography skills while shooting Meryl Sheep trackable tags all over the British countryside and beyond. One particular trackable, Wooliam the Sheep, has already traveled 32,000+ miles (51,499 km).


8) GeoTours expanded.

19 new GeoTours were launched this year, bringing the GeoTour grand total at 61 tours worldwide. The average number of geocaches per tour is 44, and their geocaches tend to have more favorite points than the average geocache.


9) Over 52,000 geocachers around the world went on a Geocaching Road Trip.

During the summer months, geocachers had the opportunity to complete five geocaching quests, each of which earned them a special souvenir for their geocaching profile. By completing all missions, they earned an extra special 6th souvenir. The theme was “Geocaching Road Trip”, and the adventures were epic.

10) Geocachers celebrated Pi. And puzzles. And ate pie.

While some folks celebrated Pi Day on March 14 (3.14) with a slice of pi pie, we celebrated this year’s Pi Day with two new souvenirs…and pie. The first souvenir was earned by 37,000 geocachers who attended an event on that day. The second souvenir celebrated the mystery of pi—to earn it, geocachers had to log a “Found It” on a Mystery Cache. Kudos to the 50,000 geocachers who took on that head scratching challenge.

  • Yummy geocaching events all day long!

11) Five new countries received their own geocaching souvenirs.

Time to update your bucket lists, geocachers. Cheers to Thailand, Turkey, Estonia, Lithuania, and Slovenia who were added to the growing list of country souvenirs this year!

  • Thailand Souvenir.

12) New features were added to make your geocaching world a bit better.


13) Geocachers watched 16 creative geocaching films at GIFF Weekend.

The GIFF (Geocaching International Film Festival) Weekend 2015 souvenir was awarded to over 14,000 geocachers who attended 449 GIFF events in 46 countries. That’s amazing. But what’s even more amazing is the sheer number of special and wonderful moments that happened at all the movie nights.

14) added new languages.

The website is now translated into 22 different languages including English. The iPhone and Android Free apps are also available in 19 different languages. More to come!


15) There were over 79,000,000 logged geocaches and over 588,000 new geocaches published this year.

Great job, geocachers. Great job.

  • Warm waters & lots of signatures.

From all of us at Geocaching HQ, thank you for making this year the best geocaching year to date.


What was your favorite geocaching moment from 2015?


A Guide to Geocaching in Thailand

Colorful is one word that perfectly sums up this unique and beautiful Southeast Asian country. Elephants and noodle soups, white-sand beaches and blue waters, Buddhist temples and ancient ruins, Thailand captivates the hearts of visitors from all corners of the world and leaves everyone with everlasting “Thai smiles” glued to their faces.


Like attending a Muay Thai boxing match, geocaching has joined the list of fun activities to participate in while in Thailand. There are currently over 1,300 active geocaches hidden throughout the country, all waiting to be discovered by visitors and locals alike. And to make things more exciting, *Thailand is the newest country to receive a Geocaching souvenir!

12-8-2015 3-50-12 PM

Although we all wish we could jump on a plane and head there now, this list of 5 amazing geocaches will have to do the trick. Enjoy!


1. GC2JDFG — Grand Palace
Cache Owner: JamieZel
Type: Traditional
D/T Rating: 1.5/1.5

PicMonkey Collage

There’s no place quite like the sprawling and bustling city of Bangkok. Golden Buddhist temples collide with large megamalls festooned with bright neon lights. And there’s no city quite as hot. Bangkok has an annual mean air temperature of 28°C. When geocaching, dress for the intense humidity and be on the lookout for muggles. This traditional cache was placed near the ornate Grand Palace which is a must-see attraction in the city. Afterwards, eat your heart out at any local food stand, as the street cuisine in Bangkok is phenomenal.

Be on the lookout for Siamese kitties as you wander the streets. They are native to Thailand.


2. GC24XKT — Ko Phi Phi Lee – (Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park)
Cache Owner: Calico-Jack
Type: EarthCache
D/T rating: 3.5/1.5


What’s a trip to Thailand without visiting the insanely famous island of Ko Phi Phi? This island served as the backdrop to the 2000 cult classic “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Although  the island is no longer uninhabited as it was in the film, it’s still just as breathtaking.


3. GC5G9N0 — Up and down! (Railay Lagoon)
Cache Owner: ChrisA33 & Damonstah
Type: Traditional
D/T Rating: 3/4.5


Rumor has it that the best cache in all of Thailand is located in the rock climbing paradise island of Railay. If they attempt it, geocachers are sent on an exciting and challenging adventure to a hidden blue lagoon. It’s no easy task, though. Bring good hiking boots and a friend you can lean on (literally).


4. GC932A — Thailand’s Highest Point
Cache Owner: Steve (Licorice)
Type: Virtual
D/T rating: 1/1


Thailand is home to some incredible mountainous regions. If you head up north towards Chiang Mai, also known as the “Rose of the North”, you’ll encounter these areas, all of which have been transformed into National Parks. This virtual cache is the location of Thailand’s highest point and the views are breathtaking. After exploring the area, spend some time wandering through the night markets and delicious restaurants in Chiang Mai.


5. GC48FEJ — Wat Mahathat
Cache Owner: thorshammers
Type: Traditional
D/T rating: 1.5/1.5


Located about five hours north of Bangkok, Sukhothai was the first ancient capital of Thailand (known as Kingdom of Siam at the time) from 1238 to 1438. The Sukhothai Historical Park is now a great place to explore. There are several geocaches hidden throughout the park including this well-placed micro. If time allows, explore some of the local rice fields. Thailand is the largest exporter of rice in the world!


*Thailand is the fifth and final Geocaching country souvenir to be released this year! Souvenirs are virtual pieces of art that are displayed on your Geocaching profile page when you find a geocache in certain locations. A list of of currently available Geocaching souvenirs and even the ones you’ve already earned can be found on And, if you’ve already found a geocache in Thailand, we will retroactively add this souvenir to your profile in December 2015.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or right here on our Blog to find out out more.

What geocaches are on your Thailand geocaching trip bucket list?


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The Scoop on Trackable Tattoos


Geocacher aunna adds a little color to her design

Geocachers love to make anything and everything trackable. We’ve seen trackable pets, cars, stuffed animals, and even a drum set. Over 500 geocachers have taken their love of trackables to a whole other, more permanent level – trackable tattoos.

There are many reasons as to why geocachers decide to brand themselves. Maybe it’s because they want every geocacher they encounter to have a way to remember them, or maybe it’s an artistic way for a geocacher to express their love for the game. Either way, getting a trackable tattoo is a pretty reliable way to ensure your TB won’t go missing.

We asked Geocacher NutmegBrownie to share her recent experience with us, and we were amazed by the amount of thought and creation that goes into the process. Here is what she had to say:

What inspired you to tattoo a trackable on your body?

“I’ve always been interested and pretty much fascinated with tattoos, the history they have played and the stories behind the ones people choose. I’ve known that I was going to have one for a very long time and that it would be nature related somehow… On the other hand, timing and funding were another story. While researching tattoo artists that do that kind of realistic natural work and trying to find one somewhere near me, I stumbled on the site for the first human trackable and was immediately hooked – I thought it was absolutely awesome and just knew my first tattoo would have to be a trackable! I have a blast geocaching and have met some truly amazing individuals through it that I otherwise would likely never have known. It just makes perfect sense for something that I enjoy participating in so much and look forward to doing long into the future. Sometimes I forget it’s there and then I’ll catch a glimpse of it and it just makes me smile every single time!”

Can you tell us more about the design?

“Narrowing down the things that I really liked and wanted for my first tattoo was tough and took a long time… We’re talking years. My job as a Naturalist and various volunteer work as an Assistant Wildlife Biologist in an NPS entomology lab as well as various insect surveys helped narrow down my choice… Well, kinda. My first choices were more physically interesting specimens, but the space they required to get the detail I wanted  made me go back to the drawing board. I knew that my insect interest was perfect for a TB and that I also wanted to mix scientific accuracy with some Steam Punk elements. This particular insect doesn’t have any research, photos, or drawings, of it’s wings so that allowed me to take a bit more artistic license with my idea. The idea of mechanically driven insects isn’t anything new and there are some artists out there with amazing miniature works of art where they have taken a real preserved insect and added clockwork innards. So I just took mine a step further and gave the wings a bit of a mechanical feel too. I was also really lucky to have a super laid back and talented artist that didn’t mind my insistence on an 18th century scientific font or adding some additional small details as we went along. I had spent some time in their shop prior and a few e-mails regarding design elements I wanted so we were really comfortable at tattoo time. He was really great and did amazing work!”

NutmegBrownie Human TB
NutmegBrownie Human TB

 How did you decide placement?

“You always hear and or read that placement of a tattoo is a personal choice… It is, but other variables come into play as well. I originally envisioned my first tattoo being on the inside of my right wrist and just a little bit up the inside of my forearm. Partly because it is an area that is almost guaranteed to age well (i.e. no noticeable weight gain and little loose skin down the road in the later years) and also because I was getting the tattoo for me to enjoy and I wanted to be able to see it easily every day. Well, a small wrist doesn’t leave much room for anything but a pretty small tattoo and hard to notice details… So when the tattoo artist asked me if there was anywhere else I would consider – I immediately said the inside of my shin just above the ankle. He was good with that and there my insect sits. Now I have my wrist free for a second tattoo. Hmmm… decision, decision, decisions!”

What advice would you give to other geocachers who are interested in getting a trackable tattoo?

“Absolutely don’t be in a hurry, not even a little – take your time deciding on your design, research tattoo artists (near and far) then check them out while they work, be flexible and have a back up design and location (or two) on your body just in case. Do be prepared to sit still for quite a while to get it done and, I have been told that it hurts, sometimes a lot. I seem to be a bit of an anomaly because the 2.5 hours that I sat there watching wasn’t long enough! I actually enjoyed the tattoo process and was a bit disappointed when the tattooing was done… That isn’t the way it is supposed to be so just make sure you are mentally ready for the process and the pain. Choose the design carefully and make sure it’s something that you don’t think you’re going to get tired of seeing, explaining, or sharing… because none of that is going to go away.”

“A nearby cacher in the next state over from me was the first actual physical human trackable that I found, and I was literally so excited when I met him and his tattoo last spring. I was kind of dancing and hopping in place and making some embarrassing girlie squeaks (so not me). He just gave me some great advice at our Fall Event yesterday. He said be ready for the cachers that will forget to cover up your trackable number before posting pictures. It will happen at some point and once it’s out, well it’s out, so think about how you want to handle that ahead of time when the virtual logs start rolling in. I hadn’t thought about that because of course all cachers play by “the rules” and follow “TB etiquette”… LOL Rules?!? Etiquette?!? Absolutely appreciated the warning and shock prevention he provided. Oh, and like a trackable, tattoos aren’t for everybody so don’t be disappointed or surprised at those who show little or no interest; it just isn’t their thing. If you got your tattoo for you, it won’t matter one way or the other! :>)”

s/v Ubiquitous’s traditional travel bug tattoo is very popular

Mulling over the idea of getting a trackable tattoo? Here are a few things to consider beforehand:

– Tattoos are permanent so make sure you’re “all in.”

– It’s easy to get a tracking code for your tattoo. Purchase a set of Travel Bugs from Shop Geocaching or one of’s Official Distributors. It is important that you do not send the Travel Bug into the geocaching world, as it will cause confusion.

– Use the unique tracking code from your Travel Bug as part of your design and have a trusted tattoo artist work their magic.

-You can receive a custom trackable icon for your tattoo. Send an email to and include a photo of the tattoo that clearly shows the tracking number. The icons are typically updated within a week of receiving your email.

Løitens Signal tattoo. Thumbs up!
Løiten’s Signal tattoo. Thumbs up!

If you were to get a trackable tattoo, what would the design look like?

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How Dr. Polley, “Educacher” Extraordinaire, Incorporates Geocaching in his Classroom

Educaching 4th
Hip hip hooray for geocaching in the classroom

For most of us, geocaching is a hobbya way to get outside and explore the world around us. To Stanley Polley, a 4th and 7th grade science teacher at the Loveland Classical School, geocaching is much more than that. Two years ago, he began to teach geocachingmost notably Mystery cachesin his classroom as a way to engage and inspire his students. He soon discovered, that “Educaching” was not only a hit with the kids, but a great educational tool as well.

Dr. Polley let us pick his brain about how he brings geocaching into the classroom. This is what we learned.

What inspired you to start a geocaching program with your students?

The first time I used geocaching in the classroom was two years ago, teaching 6th graders about constellations and the life cycle of stars.  Our class sent out 4 Travel Bugs, and as they moved, students used online resources to determine what constellation would be visible at night from the exact coordinates of the geocache each TB was in.  

Travel Bugs B
The kids create their own trackables and watch them travel around the world


Can you walk us through the organization of your geocaching program?

I use geocaching in many ways, including an elaborate Classroom Competition and Academic Mystery Caching.

Classroom Competition: I split all of my classes into smaller science themed teams, and give students/teams opportunities to earn points. The team with the highest point value at the end of the year enjoys a decadent donut party. At the start of each year each team creates highly personalized team Geocache and team Travel Bugs. The number of cache finds, pictures logged, and TB miles traveled impact each teams point total. Students can also check-out GPS units to go find our class caches, as well as the 30+ Science/Math/Music Mystery Caches.

Academic Mystery Caches: Individual students can earn points for their team by solving scientific problems in the form of Mystery caches. There are currently 33 active Mystery Caches. The puzzle caches vary greatly in difficulty so that content can be differentiated for students at different ability levels. Physical copies of each puzzle are available in each classroom as well, so that students without consistent internet access have an opportunity to solve the puzzle and check-out a GPS to find the physical cache.  By solving a Mystery Cache, students earn points for their teams regardless of whether they actually go to find the cache at the physical location.

These Mystery Cache puzzles are not homework, yet students ask me for new puzzles on a daily basis. In fact, a policy had to be established that they don’t have the physical copies of the puzzles out during other classes. That’s exactly what I want to see, ravenous learners.

I have expanded the Mystery Cache curriculum to include puzzles from multiple subjects, including Math, Music, and History. In collaboration with math teacher Lindsay Stahl, we have created dozens of supplemental academic opportunities for students of all different ability levels. Soon a series of caches will be published in collaboration with our Art, Latin, and English faculty. The types of Mystery caches will change through the year to align with the curriculum.  


What were your biggest challenges when setting up the program?

The biggest challenge has been communicating the nuts-and-bolts of Mystery geocaches to parents and students. Early on I had a few student cachers searching diligently at the virtual coordinates. I’ve started placing virtual coordinates in a nearby lake to avoid confusion. I have no scuba diving stories yet. ☺


What values do you believe geocaching brings to students?

All of my complex science, math, and history puzzles are completely optional. The fact that students love to do these puzzles anyways shows tremendous character and loyalty to their teams. Our school’s motto is “Fallamur ut floreamus,” which means “Let us falter that we may flourish” in Latin. The academic puzzles my students solve require a lot of faltering, which make the flourishing all the sweeter.

mystery caches printout
Mystery puzzle galore!

Overall, how have your students reacted to geocaching in the classroom?

They seem to love it. It’s awesome to see how excited my students get when I show them new Travel Bug pictures or report a find of their team cache. A handful of students have become fanatics, as a group logging over 1500+ finds, 82 hidden caches, and 35+ new geocaching accounts.

“The Scarlet Beaver made science class a class to look forward to every day. The competition of the different teams and earning points through travel bugs and geocaches made it the best class in school. Now I Geocache on a daily bases. It is my favorite hobby and my biggest addiction.”

Benjamin Treat, 8th Grade
Butterf (719 Finds)


What advice can you give to teachers who’d like to set up a similar geocaching program in their classrooms?

I would say that it takes a lot of consistency. The reason the classroom competition works is because I start each class with a very brief update on the team scores and any activity for each team’s travel bug, geocaches, and students who solved an Academic Puzzle.


You also started a geocaching club at your school. Could you tell us more about it?

The geocaching club has been a blast. The club focuses on making and hiding creative caches. The only rule of geocaching club is that the caches they create have to be Mystery Caches, with a puzzle that uses what they are learning from one of their classes. Club members have made Chemistry, Music, and Latin puzzle caches, with many more to come. Soon we will be organizing CITO events to support our community.

Educaching 7th
7th grade educaching

Anything else you’d like to add?

Life is Good! Cache-On!


Dr. Polley geocaches under the usernames MrPolleyClass and The Scarlet Beaver. If you are an educator and have an interest in incorporating geocaching in your classroom, Dr. Polley is a fantastic resource. Feel free to reach out to him through

And on another note, if you’ve hidden a Mystery cache, know that your geocache description could be circulating around his classroom!

Dr. Polley
Dr. Polley is the best!